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Girl’s Camp & Back To Summer Activities With The Fam…

July 9, 2014

Wednesday: I went out this morning and ran for 1:07.55. I met up with different ladies along the way. We ran along the SF River Trail. It was nice run. The girls went back to Zumba and once again had a blast.

I went up to girl’s camp again. More fun activities for the day and olympic fun! We had the Bishopric (Corom is in the bishopric… So that was nice) come up for dinner, campfire fun and testimonies…


Yes me and a couple of the YW did a dance around the campfire… Rather embarrassing. 😉 Corom and I got home late… Once we took the babysitter home, it was bedtime for us! The girls had fun with their babysitters today. From what the girls told me… Lots of playing and lots of treats!

Thursday: I got up way before I wanted to (especially after a long week) and met up with Mac, Amber, Aubrey, Holly and Maddie. I went out for 1:23.19. After an hour of running with the ladies, I turned around and headed back to my car (they went farther). I did a tempo run for the 23:19 minutes. It was hard to do and my legs ached a little. But I was determined to run hard back to my car. Corom and I took the girls to their last day of Zumba. It was a free program that South Valley Gym puts on every few weeks I guess.

20140710-220515-79515314.jpg Well this obviously wasn’t Zumba… This was my girls getting distracted during the class (all at different times). They did have a blast in the class though!

The girls hung around the house today… Corom and I wanted to take them somewhere to go do something fun but they did not get their chores done. It was frustrating! In return, I became very unmotivated to do any “chores” myself. The girls did get into the crafts…

20140710-221020-79820373.jpg It took a while for them to clean up after themselves! Ahhhhh… One of those days. Corom did go mountain biking with Mike Fullmer and Jason Booth. They had fun… I wanted to go so bad but after being gone for the past couple of days, I thought best to stay home. Also to pay babysitters more… Yeah not happening! It was good though. For dinner, thanks to Jenae, I baked a green pepper stuffed with rice and chicken. I added teriyaki sauce for seasoning. It was so good!

20140710-221635-80195466.jpg Later in the evening we hung out with a few friends. I’m really tired and am ready to go to sleep!

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