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New Adventures Today

July 11, 2014

It was a very busy but fun morning. I did start off with a 7 1/2 mile run with Mac. I ran for 59:14.38. I felt ok today. My legs were a little more tired and achy than normal. Hopefully it will pass soon! The girls, Corom (before he had to be at work) and I went with a couple of the neighbor girls to their barn for horse lessons.

It was the girls 1st time at their lessons. I was more nervous than the girls were. They really enjoyed it.

We then went up to the Fullmer’s house for the girls “gymnastics” lessons. Their daughter teaches other little kids the basics of tumbling for $10 a month per child. (It is once a week for 45 minutes.)

A couple of neighbor kids came over to play and then a friend of mine, her kids and me and my girls went to the good old 7-11 for slurpee’s (free slurpee’s today with it being 7/11). Talk about long line! It was mine and my kids 1st time partaking of the 7-11 freebie slurpee. It was rather entertaining!

We had movie night with the girls (Smurf’s 2)… I love hearing them laugh during movies. It is one of my favorite things about watching movies with the girls. Once they were in bed, Corom and I sat down and watched a movie. Our 3rd daughter woke up a couple of times because she had to throw up. 😦 She was the one not feeling well a couple of weeks ago. It makes me so sad. Hopefully tomorrow she will be feeling better.

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