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Running, Cross Country & 3 Days Worth

July 16, 2014

Monday: I ran with the high school kids today. We went on the “Highline Canal” route. It was an 8 mile route and I finished it off in 56:26 minutes.

20140715-220513-79513606.jpg It is great running with the HS kids. They push me! After the morning routine, I took the girls to the Bean Museum with my friend Makale Guenter and her kids. This museum is amazing and it is free!!! It is at BYU college.

20140715-221602-80162149.jpg The girls loved it… Who am I kidding, I loved it!


The neighbor kids came over for some backyard fun!

Then off we headed for Chuckie Cheese for my nieces birthday party.

20140715-223136-81096618.jpg All the kids/cousins had fun! The place hasn’t changed much from when I was a kid. 😉


Tuesday: I ran with the HS kids again. I sent them out on a run where we ended up doing hill repeats at the end. We ran a 4.8 mile loop to a short, very steep hill (Hazel Drive). I told them to run 3-10 hill repeats. I ended up running 10 repeats and I was so tired. My legs felt like jello (at number 7). I ran for 1:00.36.

20140716-213754-77874209.jpg I thought it was really neat… The HS school kids were cheering me on as I ran up the hill… They did it for each other (I did it for them) but to hear them encourage me as I ran up was, well, encouraging. 🙂 There was a lady up at the top of the hill that was trying to sweep up all her plums…

20140716-214225-78145488.jpg I don’t know if the kids wanted to get out of running these hill repeats but it worked. They helped the lady get the task done. She was very grateful! I was very pleased to watch these group of HS kids helping out! Good kids. The rest of my day was my normal typical day. Piano/violin lessons for my 2 older girls, chores, neighborhood kids playing, etc. Later on I went to YW’s (young women’s… Church group of girls from the ages of 12-18). It was a combined activity with the young men. The leaders and kids went up the canyon and cooked our dinner on a stick. Good times!


Wednesday: I started off my day with a morning run… Surprise, surprise. 🙂 Mac and I ran together. I ran for 1:02.34 minutes. It was at an easier pace today but my legs were still tired. I quickly went to cross country practice. The HS kids wanted to go on an adventure run… So I sent them out for 60 minutes. My girls just played around…

20140716-220616-79576690.jpg My 2 younger girls had their horse lessons (the 2 older girls will go on Fridays). They are loving it!

20140716-221445-80085483.jpg I held our 1st PTA meeting at my house today. I guess I have volunteered to be the president of the PTO… I don’t know what I am doing but I am grateful I have a great group of board members. We had a good meeting and all our kids ran around and played. Corom patched up our bounce house, so the kids were very entertained!

20140716-222206-80526354.jpg My neighbor friends came over (with their kids) and we all just hung out. Corom works late tonight, so tonight I just vegged in front of the T.V. when the girls went to bed. 🙂

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  1. I think you are SuperMom!

    • I am so far from that!!! I think I am raising my kids to feel like they have to be doing something all the time. :/ That sometimes worries me but I can’t help it because I have to be doing something all the time. 🙂

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