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Cross Country Camp…

August 2, 2014

It has been a busy 4 days!!! I was up in the mountains with the cross country team. We had our CC camp. On Wednesday I did go for a 48:08.07 minute run. The cross country kids went on a 6-8 mile run. One of the girls put her keys down by the dumpster (it was trash day… Yeah… The dumpster ended up on her keys). Then a couple of cross country girls and I went camp shopping. (My girls were invited to go play at a neighbor’s house.)

20140802-211957-76797346.jpg Lots of cleaning today and neighbor kids in and out.

Thursday: I helped set up for school registration today at the girls elementary school. Corom switched spots with me (and helped behind the table for PTO stuff :/) so I could catch the school bus up to our cross country camp.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ Camp: At camp we did a lot of running, with major hills!!! It was brutal but good!


We came across a older gentleman that needed some help on one of our brutal climbs up the mountain. I think, everyone was feeling the same way as I was… More than happy to stop and help. 😉 We did follow him up to his destination (helped him 4 more times) and continued on with our run afterwards. We had 3 guest speakers come up this weekend: Dr. Fullmer- talked on health, nutrition and injury; Zane Grey: he is a magician and did an amazing job with entertaining everyone and tying in goals to his performance; Mr. Corom Hughes (yes my husband), talked on Attitude (he is a therapist for his day job ;)) and how attitude is a choice. All 3 were so good and everyone learned a lot!

20140802-214439-78279432.jpg We did skits and team building activities… We ran up to a lake (which was already dried up)… It is a 2.8 mile climb and at some points so steep that you had to walk!

20140802-214632-78392004.jpg Up there, the captains introduced the theme… Attitude… For the season. We tyed-died socks, goofed around…

20140802-214811-78491584.jpg Did movie night, played games, relaxed, danced, ate, etc…

20140802-215412-78852520.jpg The best part was… Corom and the girls spent most the weekend up there! They stayed a night over, Friday into Saturday. (The other coach had his kids come up for part of the evening on one of the nights. Our kids had so much fun!)

20140802-220601-79561046.jpg It was a great experience for our cross country team. All the kids were great, they made good friendships and they ran hard!

Thursday I ran 52:46.27 for our morning run and 38:22.56 for our evening run. Friday we went for 48:33.35 (my legs were burning on this run!) And to finish off camp, we ran back down to our busses… 36 minutes and something. We ran fast coming down. Good times!

Saturday At Home: We cleaned house!!! Someone came over to look at it (we put it up for sale :/). We just want to move a couple of blocks away into a home that is a little bigger than this one. Then we (Corom and I) went out on a date with some friends…

20140802-222402-80642871.jpg We had a great time!!! Corom was offered a job at the restaurant we went to… Hu Hot! They loved him there! It was very entertaining watching our husbands! As I said earlier… A very busy 4 days but fun!

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  1. Camp sounds like so much fun. Makes me wish I could run on your cross country team! I am so slow these days no one would want me 😉 Love how much fun you and your family always have no matter what you might be doing.

    • I feel the same of you and your husband! You 2 have so much fun. I do try to involve the girls as much as possible… Just so they will love it as much as I do. 😉

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