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Running & My Girls 1st Hair Cut :/

July 29, 2014

I met up with Rachelle this morning for a 7 1/2 + mile run… We did run into Amber half way through our run and she turned around and finished our run with us. It was a good run and we it was fun running with them! We were out for 1:00.18. For cross country practice we sent them off on a 9 mile hilly route.

20140729-221637-80197193.jpg Most of them were able to run the entire route. It was good to see. Towards the end of their workout… The girls came to join me. Corom took them out on his run again this morning. I took over so he could finish his.

20140729-221936-80376398.jpg The 2 older girls had piano/violin today, my friend Amy and I visited our friend Nicole today for her birthday, I had 5 extra kids that played here, and then I had young women’s tonight. I am over the 14 and 15 year old girls. The activity was at my house. My good friend Megan came over and taught these girls the basics of cutting hair. My girls were the ones that they used to learn on. :/ My oldest, 8, (the one with the extremely curly hair) and my youngest, 4, have never had their hair cut. My 2 middle girls have once a few years ago. The YW did a really good job!

20140729-222542-80742816.jpg Megan did do the finishing touch up jobs… Their hair is so cute!!! The girls all had a good time. Now everyone is in bed and I am watching the bachelorette. 😉

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  1. What a fun day. All I could think of was a little girl playing with my hair and calling it “personal beauty day.” Looks like you had a personal beauty day in your back yard. How fun!

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