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Puking On The Side Of The Road To Playing Kick Ball Old School Way

July 28, 2014

Monday: So I finally made one of the cross country kids puke this morning! I was really happy about that one. 😉

20140728-213609-77769286.jpg I did get permission to keep the photos I took. Anyway… I began my morning run as a solo run. I ran for 27 minutes on my own. Then I met up with the cross country kids and gave them their workout. They were to run a 7 mile route and add a Fartlek into it. (At least 6 x 1 min fast-1 minute back to their normal pace.) I decided to go ahead and continue my run and run the 7 miles with them. Well I decided to run with this young man. I told him that instead of doing a Fartlek we were going to tempo 5 miles of the 7 mile loop. We were pushing our pace to about a 6:30 minute mile. We hit the 5 mile mark at 33 minutes. I turned to him and asked how he was feeling and then asked if he could go to the mile 6 marker… He gave me a nod. I was feeling really good so I decided to pick up our pace… Well, we passed the 5 1/2 marker… I picked up our pace and a minute later, I noticed that he was not by my side. I looked back and noticed he was gagging, which led into throwing up on the side of the road. Mission accomplished. It did make me laugh… I kind of felt bad. 🙂 Anyway… It was a great run this morning.

20140728-214418-78258943.jpg All the kids ran well. When we got back to the school, my 3 older girls came up on their bikes… They informed me that dad was right behind and going to the “Christensen’s Loop”. I headed on over and ran another 3/4 of a mile with Corom and the girls…

20140728-214618-78378303.jpg I did run for a total time of 1:23.21 minutes (11-12 miles I’m guessing). I took the girls to a birthday party at the splash pad and then to a neighbor’s house (with the marshmallow guns) for an hour while I went to a PTO meeting at the elementary school.

20140728-215005-78605907.jpg For family night, we invited families over (we opened it up to whoever wanted to come) and we played kick ball the old school way. In the middle of the road. We had a blast!!! We used to do that growing up as kids…

20140728-215151-78711290.jpg We of course finished off with a few desserts to eat. 😉

Sunday: Today was a good, relaxing day. We went to church and the girls were ok (well it was mainly our youngest… Feeling the need to dance in the isle :/… Yeah I put a stop to that real quick). It makes it entertaining though. We checked on some baby puppies for a neighbor of ours, the girls played with their bunnies, we had a couple of families over for dinner and then the girls had a slumber party in one room…

20140728-215614-78974050.jpg That was our Sunday! 😉

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  1. So last night Rock started laughing so hard. When I asked him what was so funny he said he just read the first two lines of this post. I started reading it and he told me not to tell him because he loves reading these and it is part of his morning breakfast routine. We were both laughing so much! The kickball game sounds like an absolute blast.

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