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Running To Swimming To Derby Fun…

July 26, 2014

Friday: I went out for a 1:05.36 min run this morning with Mac and Amber. I ran about 8 1/2 miles and it felt pretty good. We started our run at the high school so I made it back just in time for cross country practice. The kids ran the same loop I ran but backwards.

20140726-195429-71669018.jpg Good run. At home, I was on the phone with my sisters and mom for about an hour trying to figure out our Greece/Spain trip. My mom is from Greece and my little sister is living in Spain (her husband is in the military). We booked our flight after much talking. So in November my sisters, mom and I are going for a ladies trip. :/ Very mixed emotions but once in a lifetime opportunity!!! After lunch, Corom and I took the girls to a “clean” pond. Well before we went, the girls had to do their chores. One of the chores they had to do was clean their bedrooms… This is what they made to hurry the process up with taking their dirty clothes down to the laundry room…

20140726-202253-73373943.jpg Pretty clever! I think it actually took more time but it was very entertaining to watch. At the pond… Corom and his friend Jason had fun snorkeling while the girls swam around, jumped off the rope swings, caught little fish, etc… While I sat on the beach area and watched. I’m not a big fan of ponds, so I went along for the ride.

20140726-202340-73420552.jpg This is our 4 year old doing the rope swing. She has no fear! She did not let go right away… She swung so high!

20140726-202509-73509591.jpg The girls are braver than I am! I climbed the tree half way up, looked down and realized I was done. There was no way I would jump off of it! Way Too high up for me. Later Corom took the girls to a movie (Earth to Echo)… Which they loved! We had free movie tickets that the girls received from school and it expires in a couple of days. I was a little bummed that I could not go but I worked at the Clarion Gardens for a wedding event. I do like working there. And I have mentioned this before… The food is excellent! After helping there, I went to a friend’s house for a girl’s night out. Our friend is getting married next week… So we decided to get together to eat and have fun. My friend Julia (the one getting married) is an amazing person. Her soon to be husband is so lucky to have her. All these ladies are so much fun.


Saturday: I woke up and grudgingly went on a 49:11.45 minute run. I was not in the mood to go but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go. I felt ok. My legs felt more tired today. The cross country captains and coach Thompson (the other cross country coach) came over this morning for a meeting and breakfast.

20140726-203733-74253339.jpg The meeting was a little over 2 hours. :/ Corom began our Saturday chores and the girls were so good. They were good all day today!!! After the meeting, I went into a deep cleaning mood. We are putting our house up for sale because we want to buy another house just a few blocks away. So we cleaned all day.


20140726-204059-74459673.jpg I will not put all the pictures in because it will take up too much room. šŸ™‚ So we shall see if anything will happen. I did take the girls to the $1 store today to buy a birthday present for their neighbor friend (and they were able to pick one thing out). They love that store! Corom and I went on a triple date tonight with some friends of ours to the Derby. That was a 1st for me. The girls went to a birthday party and then had a babysitter. We had a great time!!!


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  1. What a fun weekend. I love the girl’s invention! I have never been to Europe before so I am so excited to hear all about your trip. Will you get a chance to see Z there? Have a lovely Sunday!

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