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24th Of July Celebration

July 24, 2014

I woke up this morning with a little more nerves than I normally do on a race day. I don’t know if it was because I have not raced for a little over a month, or if I was not mentally or physically prepared or in shape for this… But I had to do it because it is tradition. The 24th is a State holiday here in Utah. It is Pioneer’s Day. It was a fun 10k run. Corom (and Mike Fullmer) pushed the kids in the 4 kid stroller. I was able to race it.

20140724-204316-74596366.jpg My 1st mile I felt really good. But come the second mile heading into the 3rd, I mentally started to think negatively. I remembered how tired I was for the last 10k of my marathon and it really mentally affected me (I know that sounds weird). I pulled it together for mile 4 and 5 but mile 6 I was tired! I did hold onto a 6:10 pace (my marathon pace :/) and finished off with a 38:23 10k time. It was a minute slower than last year but I know that training for a marathon is so different than the faster 5k, 10k races. I have realized that my 5k-10k races are not as fast but I am ok with that. 🙂 I did take 1st and won $50 cash. That was a bonus. Oh… Yeah, my girls love bugs. I was a little grossed out but there was no way I could pry the beetles away from them. Then my 4 girls ran the 1 mile kids race.

20140724-210412-75852228.jpg They did so good and they loved it! It was fun to run with them. We then went to breakfast at Magleby’s Fresh to get their all you can eat French toast. We have done this every year after the race…

20140724-220652-79612876.jpg Then we stayed around and watch the 24th of July parade. It’s a pretty big deal here. I love this stuff!

20140724-220851-79731168.jpg Corom, if he could, would stay home… He is not a big fan of parades. He comes because he loves me. 😉 Well the other day, we did get in an argument and my 2 older girls came down and asked if we were getting a divorce. :/ My 1st thought was how they knew the meaning of divorce. We don’t fight/argue too much so it made me laugh a little when they asked. I did have to explain that sometimes parents/adults fight but it doesn’t mean that it will end bad. (There was more explanation to our conversation…) Anyway, that was way off the topic for today. After the fun time at the parade… We hung out with my mother-in-law, Gary (her new husband) and his family.

20140724-222750-80870198.jpg We had a BBQ and Corom and I brought the bounce house over. We stayed for the afternoon. The girls did get in trouble for not listening and acting up, so we took away their carnival ride… Yes, the carnival folks come and set up everything for this holiday (the carnival runs for 4 days). We always let the girls choose 1 ride (because they are so expensive)… So when we took that away from them, they weren’t to happy. Mission accomplished (I hope this taught them a lesson). I actually went there to look around at the different booths. I am not a shopper or a big carnival person but I did want to go see a friend of mine (Stephanie) and her Jamberry nails booth…

20140724-223311-81191421.jpg The girls fell asleep at about 7:30-7:45 tonight. It was very pleasant. There are fireworks going on tonight but Corom and I rented a movie and relaxed. That was our 24th of July day… I love holidays of any kind!

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  1. So glad to hear you are back at it. Feeling slower is frustrating but you are still running incredible times and it is great that you know it is just from the marathon training. I am trying to keep myself from getting down with the slower mileage and just enjoying being back. How is it your girls are so cute and like such gross things?! Actually I love that they aren’t afraid, the world needs less girly girls 🙂

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