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Running… To The Rest Of The Day’s Event

July 23, 2014

Tuesday: Well my alarm went off way too early… I hit my alarm and slept in until cross country practice. I didn’t have time to run with the cross country kids (I had a PTA meeting :/ right after practice). The strange thing is… I am normally way bummed/irritated when I don’t get a run in but today I was actually ok. 🙂 The cross country kids ran a 7 mile loop…

20140723-192102-69662516.jpg The 2 older girls went to piano/violin lessons…

20140723-193219-70339842.jpg Kids came over and played, my youngest stepped on a rusty nail… You know… The normal stuff here. 😉

20140723-193625-70585048.jpg I had the YW’s activity tonight. We decided to go canoeing and paddle boating. (My kids and Corom came to.) We had a lot if fun!


Wednesday: I met up with Mac and Aubrey for half of my 58:24.41 minute run. I felt good after the 1st couple of warm up miles. Then I was off to cross country practice.

20140723-194427-71067372.jpg They cut the route short… So it was a pretty short practice. The girls had their horse lessons this morning…

20140723-195212-71532632.jpg Today was a very relaxed day! The girls had a couple of friends over but they were very low maintenance today. It was very pleasant. Corom works late tonight and I went to a movie with a couple of friends. Fun times!

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  1. You guys always have a million adventures packed into one day. I don’t know how you do it all. And yikes with the rusty nail. Hope all is better now!

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