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Sunday To Monday

July 21, 2014

Sunday: The girls were a little more difficult this morning as we were getting ready for church. Corom was gone at his morning meetings. Church (Sacrament meeting) was really good today. The speakers did a great job! After church, I had my YW (young women from church) come over for a meeting and lunch and then we (my kids and the YW) went out to visit all the other girls that were not there. It was nice. Corom, the girls & I, my sister, Missy & her family, my brother, john & his family went to my Aunt Georgia’s house for family time and BBQing.


Monday: I woke up so tired this morning… So I grudgingly got up and went out on a 37:24.28 minute run. Not the best run but I am glad I got out. I went to cross country practice (with the girls)… They went out on a 9 mile run (well some of the kids that could make it that far)…

20140721-214724-78444057.jpg For lunch, I met Corom at work (the jail) for lunch. 🙂 The food was actually pretty good.

20140721-214916-78556464.jpg I have never been to Corom’s work or seen his office… And he has been there for 5 years. :/ The whole security thing gets in the way. But it was fun. The girls were with 3 neighbor girls that wanted to babysit. They set up a little makeover shop and painted the girls nails, etc…

20140721-215236-78756249.jpg The babysitters also helped the girls with their “school” work. It was very nice not to have to deal with it. We had a lot of neighbor kids that came over… Always chaos at my house in the afternoon! 😉

20140721-223307-81187610.jpg It was our streets turn to clean the church… We had a good turn out. After we were done, we played a little bit of soccer, frisbee, keep away, etc. In the gym. We then went and got a nice cream cone. 🙂

20140721-224021-81621996.jpg A friend of mine (Camille) came over and we watched the Bachelorette. Good times!

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