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Running, Back Packing With The Girls & Work Fun

July 20, 2014

I ran with the cross country kids today. I was in a hurry to get home though because the 2 older girls had their horse lessons and we only had 1 car that kind of works. :/ So I ran a 4.8 mile loop in 35:22.47.

20140718-210613-75973659.jpg It was a nice run… My legs were tired from yesterday so it felt good to run a shorter route. The 2 older girls had their horse lessons. They are loving it! It has been great bribery at my house.

20140718-210950-76190240.jpg Then we went straight to tumbling/gymnastics. I am so grateful that we are able to bring our kids to these type of opportunities. Our friends (the Fullmer’s daughter) wants to learn how to teach little kids how to do gymnastics… So our kids are her experiment. It is a win-win situation for both of us! There is no way we could afford to put 4 girls through gymnastics… So I pay $40 a month for all 4 girls, 45 minutes once a week. They love it!

20140719-220103-79263009.jpg After chores and their normal routine, I took the girls to the Splash Pad in SF with a few friends…

20140719-224759-82079327.jpg When Corom came home from work, we took the girls on an over night back packing camp out. Jason Booth came with… The girls packed their own clothes and sleeping bag. We hiked a half a mile to our camping spot and set up camp…

20140719-232625-84385650.jpg We did the typical camping thing… Sunset, s’mores, hiking around, catching bugs, etc. We did take out our tent to set it up… Yeah, there were no tent poles in with the tent. :/ Zep (our Foriegn exchange) and her friend used it last… Well, she forgot to put the poles back in. 🙂 So we all laid on the tarp and slept under the stars.

We had a restless night but that’s normal. 🙂 I got up early and went for a 1:44.26. That run kicked my butt mentally and physically! I wanted to get a long run in and I pushed through it mentally the whole way. But I did it. It was a beautiful morning, too!

20140719-234414-85454608.jpg I started on the trail and headed out and around the Salem, Woodland Hills, Elkridge run. It was a tough hilly course. I ran back up to where we were camping. I got back, we packed up camp and hiked back down.

20140719-235703-86223405.jpg Later in the afternoon, Corom and I worked at the Clarion Gardens. I worked at the facility in Payson and Corom helped cater in Bountiful for the Clarion. We served an ice cream bar and cream sodas… So good! I couldn’t stop eating!!!

The girls had fun with their babysitter tonight! Long day but a good one.

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