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Baby Blessings To Gut Aches

August 11, 2014

Sunday: A typical Sunday… We went to church (and the 3rd hour lesson was great), we hung out at home, had a meeting or 2 and then went to my sister-in-law’s baby blessing…

IMG_0944.JPG Kymbra… He is a cute baby and it was so good to hold my nephew… A BOY ! Yeah… I wouldn’t know that feeling of holding a boy. 🙂 We had a family dinner and then it was bed time for the girls.

Monday: I went for a lone morning run. I felt good and I was able to push my pace a little. I went out for 1:01.34 and went for about 8.2-8.3 miles. It was a good run. I held a PTO meeting today at the elementary school (yeah I’m the new PTO president :/). It went well… Then Camille and Stephanie and I headed back to Stephanie’s house to let the kids play…

IMG_0945.JPG The 2 younger girls and I headed to our first afternoon cross country practice (my 2 older girls went with Camille to her house). It was a hot afternoon but the kids have to get used to running/racing in the heat. Majority of the races are in the afternoon after school.

IMG_0946.JPG The cross country kids ran 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 miles today. They did well for their 1st time in the heat. For family night tonight, we went to the Barney’s house for dinner and hanging out. We had a great time!

IMG_0947.JPG We took care of some more paper work (for our loan) on the house we want. I still can’t believe we sold our house so quick!

IMG_0660.JPG Jay Terpenine is our realtor and once he put it up, he really put it out there! He came over a few times before and gave us great advice on what we need to do to get our house ready… Well it worked! He is great and did a great job! Anyway… After meeting with our friends, the Shepards, with our loan stuff we came home and I met Camille and Stephanie at my house for Bachelor in Paradise; and Corom met up with Mike Fullmer (our pediatrician) to check Corom out. Corom has been having a gut ache. Mike came over to see if it was a appendicitis… Yeah it looks like Corom might be “backed up”.

IMG_0948.JPG Lots of miralax for Corom. 😉 Hopefully that will help his issues!

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