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August 13, 2014

Tuesday: Oh joy… A little speed workout to start off my day. I met up with Amber and Melissa at the HS track. We ran a 3 mile “warmup” run and then began our 6 x 800’s with a lap recovery jog. 1st: 2:54, 2nd: 2:54, 3rd: 2:54, 4th: 2:53, 5th: 2:51, 6th: 2:54. I was beat running these. My body was tired going into this workout (lack of sleep), so it was a struggle getting through it. It always reminds me of the importance of sleep. We finished our workout with a 2 1/2 mile cool down. I’m glad I got that done! It took about 1:13.02 for 10+ miles. Anyway… It was a typical day. Friends/neighbors were over (which some helped wash my car :)):

IMG_0950.JPG I then had PTO stuff :/, cross country practice…

IMG_1036.JPG After dinner, the girls, Corom and I went to help my brother-in-law with his football team (8th grade)…

IMG_1037.JPG We came for the 1st half an hour and ran them through running/sprinting drills. Corom and I actually had a lot of fun. 🙂 Corom went to his church meetings and I went to YW’s…


Wednesday: I met up with Amber and Rachelle this morning for my run. We went out for 1:04.38 minute run. We ran a little over 8 1/2 miles. It was a good recovery run. I came home and my 2nd child (6 year old) asked if her and I could go for a run together. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was surprised and so excited. So… Her and I went for a run!

IMG_1040.JPG I had so much fun! We ran around the block and she asked if we could go longer. We ran for a little over 10 minutes. When we got back, she turned to me and asked if we could do this every morning. I said of course! 🙂 The other 3 girls were busy dressing their bunnies. :/

IMG_1039.JPG Poor bunnies… We then headed out to my youngest’s pre-school open house. But before we left my youngest (4 year old) had to cut her own bangs. Awesome… Now I don’t have to do it myself. :/

IMG_1041.JPG The girls and neighbor kids had fun with the dogs in the back yard…

IMG_1043.JPG I met up with some really great friends of mine for lunch today at the pizza factory. We try to get together for all of our birthdays. It has been a while and it was so great meeting up today!

IMG_1002.JPG The girls played with their friends (thanks Marti) and then the girls and I went to cross country practice. We had a couple of pottie breaks (in the picture)…

IMG_1042.JPG Then we headed over to the County Fair. We met up with Amber D and her kids and then Corom was able to meet up with us for a little bit.

IMG_1044.JPG Corom and I headed over to sign papers on the house we want… To put us in contract with them. :/ He went back to work and I did the night routine. 🙂 Fun times!

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