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Thursday To Saturday’s Events…

August 16, 2014

Thursday: I got up early… Not for a run but to take a friend of mine to the airport. The girls and I loaded up at 6:30 a.m. And off we went to the airport. We got back around 9ish but by the time I got out the door for my run it was around 10:15. I went out for a good moderate to hard pace. I felt good. It was a lone run but I really enjoyed it. I was in one of those moods where I wanted to think and there is something about running alone that let’s your mind think freely. I also do a lot of praying. : ) It was a good run! I went for about 52:22 minutes. When I got back, I had 2 girls waiting for me to go running. 🙂

For cross country practice today the HS kids ran to the neighboring town’s public pool. It was only a 4 1/2 mile run and the kids had fun. I brought my kids (and Corom but he is a big kid)…


Corom went to football tonight to help the kids with their sprints. I stayed home with the girls because they got into trouble. I was bummed to miss it but the girls were driving us crazy. Corom and I did meet up with some friends later in the evening and played games.

Friday: I met up with Mac, Aubrey and Maddie for a 1:03.49 run. I felt ok… Better half way through my run. The girls had tumbling today…

They had a good time! I then took the girls to go “school” shopping. They picked out new backpacks and pencils…

At cross country practice today the kids ran a speed workout. My kids decided they wanted to do it with them. It was so fun to watch.

I’m going to speak freely for a minute… We have a great group of kids but most of them (especially the varsity team) has been so uncommitted this year. They have not been putting the miles in, have not been coming to practice on a regular basis-very inconsistent, etc. As a coach it is frustrating to see. They have so much raw talent! And if they were to just come out, they would do well. On the other hand… We do have the kids that show up every practice and try hard every day and they deserve to be at the top but they are not. We did give the HS kids a lecture so hopefully that will change things. :/ They did do better with this workout today (well the ones that were there). We really do have good kids though! After practice I went to a RS retreat. All the ladies in our “Stake” for church (our city), went to a over nighter get away. There were a couple of hundred ladies there and about 25 ladies from my ward. It was a blast!

IMG_1145.JPG We went hiking, did crafts, ate, visited, goofed around and stayed up late talking. We had a great time! A much needed retreat. There are amazing ladies in my ward-church. Well I went to bed late and woke up too early…

Saturday: We went for a morning hike, had a spiritual devotional and then ate breakfast. The breakfast was great… I ate too much! Well I decided to go for a run. I packed up my stuff and began my run home from the lady retreat. My friends Nicole, Amber and Camille left an hour after I did to pick me up along Payson canyon. I ran for 1:40.45, about 14.2 miles. It was a beautiful, amazing run!

IMG_1150.JPG The 1st 23:42 minutes was all up hill and the rest of the time was all down! 🙂 It was pleasant. Corom, the girls (my girls), Mike and Jason went to Strawberry lake to catch crawdads for the Southern Boil tonight.

They had fun and probably had too much fun after they caught them…

IMG_1205.JPG We had a babysitter stay with the girls while Corom and I, the Fullmer’s and Booths went to the dinner at the Clarion Gardens Event Center. We met up with a few other couples and had a great time.

IMG_1207.JPG We had a tray to eat out of with no silverware… Just our hands. 🙂 It was a little messy but was so good!

We came back to the house and watched a movie.

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  1. I love that Corom is such a big kid. Last night we were exhausted and plopped on the couch. Rock of course chose Monsters University as a movie and laughed through the whole thing. It made me smile that he is such a big old kid.

    It is so frustrating to watch talented kids with lack of motivation. It happens all the time and is so sad to see it wasted. I’ve seen it with runners and a lot when I coached figure skaters. So hard to see the ones who want it so much and work so hard but just don’t have that raw talent. Jack Daniels has a great chapter in his Running Formula book about this. Those kids are so lucky to have your love and support!

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