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1st Day Of School, Running, Clinique’s… The Norm…

August 19, 2014

Sunday: Sunday was church, meetings, and hanging out with the family. It was a nice, quiet day…


Monday: I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and went to help Rebecca at the Clarion Gardens. :/ She had to make and bring breakfast to the local airport. So I worked from 3 in the morning until 5 in the morning. It was rough at 1st but I was able to wake up more.

I met up with Mac this morning and went for a 1:10.12 minute run. I was a little sore from my Saturday’s run and obviously a little tired. But it was a good run! We ran errands today, kids played, neighbors came over and lots of cleaning got done…

IMG_1265.JPG We headed off to the open house for school and I worked at the PTO table…

IMG_1223.JPG Then we (the girls and I) went to cross country practice. It was so hot out today for them… They were struggling today. They went on a 7 mile run with 6 x 1 minute fartleks… It didn’t go well today. They all looked flat. It happens…

IMG_1243.JPG… After practice I picked up a few of my YW and we visited the other girls and dropped off a treat for them. It was a good luck back to school treat…

IMG_1222.JPG Then the family and I headed over to a neighbor’s house for family night- roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. 🙂


Tuesday: Well I got up around 5:45 a.m. and set out for my run. I ran a 22 minute “warmup” run. Then ran 10 hazel dr hill repeats. They are tough and steep. (That took another 22 min). The next 13 minutes was my “cool down” run home. A total of 56:45.43 minutes. I was dreading this run but during the middle and especially when I finished I was happy I did it. I hurried home to get my girls ready for their 1st day of school! I have 2 that start this week (1st & 3rd grade). My kindergartener starts next week and my pre-schooler starts Thursday. Crazy!!

IMG_1269.JPG It was so hard sending them off to school… I hate it and it is something I will never get used to! They were so excited though. My youngest started to cry upstairs so I ran up there…

IMG_1246.JPG Is that so bad that I took a picture before helping. :/ After picking the girls up from school we headed off to cross country practice. They went on an easy 5 1/2 mile run and then we passed out uniforms…

IMG_1270.JPG After dinner, the girls, Corom and I headed over to the football practice to do running drills. We have fun doing this!

IMG_1272.JPG It was off to YW’s and YM’s activity. We played flour dodge ball. It was a blast.

IMG_1273.JPG I had to leave early from the activity to head over to a new Running store Endrance Athletics for a Clinique they held for our cross country team.

IMG_1274.JPG I went to my friend Stephanie’s house to watch the Bachelor… Half way through, we paused the show and made a store trip. 🙂

IMG_1268.JPG Why do donuts taste so good so late at night? 😉 A busy few days…

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  1. Flour dodgeball?! Oh man, Rock would love this. He has a version of dodgeball called sprout ball and the kids LOVE it. We taught it to my mom (my parents used to be PE teachers) and her kids begged to play it all the time. How fun that would be with flour!

    • It was a blast! I wish I was able to stay the entire time but I had to run to the cross country Clinique. I could see you 2 totally playing with the flour!

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