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Running, Cross Country Meet, Strange Man to Ganosh Cake!

August 20, 2014

I met up with Beth this morning and ran for 1:06.18 minutes. It was perfect weather this morning… But so dark! It was a good run though. We ran over 8 miles (I just don’t know how much over). I took the 2 older girls to school and then my 3rd child (later in the morning) had her kindergarten assessment/testing. From what I saw… She did well.

IMG_1308.JPG The 2 younger girls played with neighbor kids until the older ones got out of school. The girls went to their piano lessons and the 2 younger girls went to a friend’s house. I had to meet with the faculty at the elementary school. I was a little nervous :/ But… It went well. Melissa (the treasurer of the PTO) and I presented the 1/2 marathon to marathon challenge. It is a fundraiser that we are putting on for the school, while getting the kids to be more active and fit. Hopefully we can pull this off! :/ We had our cross country pictures today…

IMG_1311.JPG Then off we headed to our 1st cross country meet… Pre-Region. This is where we find out where all the schools are at. We won Region last year for the boys… I honestly didn’t know how we would finish off today. We ran the course as a warmup and then The girls started off with their race…

IMG_1310.JPG They ran really well from our top runner to the one that came in towards the end. I love, love, love watching the runners come in when they know they gave it all they had. Their fatigued smile is priceless! The girls placed 3rd in the meet. The boys went out and ran really well. I was pleasantly surprised with the team placing 2nd tonight. They were 5 points away from 1st. The other coach and I were “glad” they didn’t win because we feel they wouldn’t work as hard. This probably doesn’t make sense but it does to me right now. 🙂 The boys now know they can “win” if they want it and work for it. We have great, raw talent on our team- male and female… The desire needs to be there though.

IMG_1309.JPG I came home (Corom was working late tonight) to take the babysitters home (2 came over because our babysitter wanted to bring her friend). Well… I found out that while the girls were making dinner for my girls, some guy/man? Walked into our house. He realized people were home; well the babysitters yelled out asking who’s there… He ran out the door… The girls followed him. He stopped at the driveway. One of the babysitters yelled she was going to call the cops… He took off :/. Very freaky and eerie. Good job to the babysitters… I will be calling the police station just to report it. I did have to finish off my night with my birthday Ganosh Cake! Thanks Rebecca from the Clarion Gardens!!!


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  1. Wow that is unsettling. Glad everyone is ok and that you have reliable sitters. I can’t get over how huge your cross country team is. Awesome work coach!

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