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Running To The Les Miserables Play

August 22, 2014

Thursday: I met up with Rachelle and Amber and went out for a 8.3 mile run in 1:01.43. We felt good and had a great conversational pace. It was also beautiful weather. I then took the 2 older girls to school and my youngest to her 1st day of pre-school. 😦

IMG_1339.JPG My 3rd child (starts kindergarten next Tuesday) and I drove around and found Mike and Corom on their long run.

IMG_1322.JPG They went out for 10 miles… That was Corom’s 1st long run and well only run since the 5k. But that is how Corom rolls… He is running the St. George marathon again this year. He probably runs once every other week and a few races here and there and will get up and run the marathon. I don’t know how he does it but I will tell you that it is very entertaining to watch him after the race. 🙂 Anyway… A few neighbors met up for a play date and picnic. It was a nice break to hang out with friends.

IMG_1354.JPG I had to run to the DMV before school got out and cross country started… I gave myself plenty of time to get through the long lines… Well I showed up and 10 minutes later my 2 younger girls and I were walking back to our car… With my drivers license in hand. The best DMV visit ever! At cross country the kids went on a 8 mile run.

IMG_1355.JPG Corom had football (sprints) practice and then a meeting. The girls went to bed and Corom and I watched a movie.

Friday: I slept in and then went out for a 34:06.36 minute run. It was great! 😉 The girls and I were able to walk the mile route to school this morning.

IMG_1358.JPG We have a lot of fun walking to school! The girls do like to play in the gutters. :/ It was entertaining to watch them crawl in them. I did have a meeting for PTO stuff again. This is just the beginning. 🙂 Then neighbor kids came over to play. After it was time for cross country and picking up my girls from school.

IMG_1359-1.JPG Amy, Camille and I headed off to the play Les Miserables. The local community production put it on. Soooo good!!! My running partner, girl’s piano/violin teacher and friend, Amber’s husband and daughter were in the play. He was Jean Valjean and his 8 year old daughter was young Cosette. Excellent… Their voices blew me away!



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