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Half Ironman Relay-Old School Games…

August 23, 2014

I woke up early, early this morning, not because of a run but because of a major thunderstorm. It was pretty amazing… But I did worry about my race. I am running in a relay for a half iron man. I showed up in time for the swim to start… But because of the weather, it was delayed by an hour and 20 min.

IMG_1423.JPG My old boss from Sundance Ski Resort (70 years old) started off with the swim. He is an amazing swimmer! We started with the Elite group and all the other relay teams… It was a mile swim and He came out of the water 6th! (He was a talked about man this morning.) He ran into the exchange station and handed off the ankle chip to his daughter-in-law, Megan. She, too, is a phenomenal biker. The top female cyclist in Utah.

IMG_1424.JPG She took off for her 56 mile ride and held on to her spot. She was cruising!!!

IMG_1425.JPG As you can see, no one was behind her… She was able to move with the other 5 or 6 teams ahead of her. She finished her leg and handed off to me. :/ I ran 13.3 miles (a tiny bit more than a half). It was good weather, they had aid stations everywhere, and it was a fairly flat course.

IMG_1436.JPG I felt really good the 1st loop (6 1/2 miles) and was able to pass a couple of the guys. On the 2nd loop I was a little more fatigued. But I held my pace. I caught a couple of more guys and headed into the finish.

I did struggle mentally the last mile. I didn’t take any gu’s or snacks or drinks (well I did drink water) and I felt it the last few miles. We finished 2nd in the relay category and 3rd over all. My time was 1:24.33 (I did run a 10 minute war-up.)

IMG_1438.JPG We had a great time! My teammates are amazing people and the best thing was… Corom and the girls surprised me by showing up and cheering for me while I finished.:) Oh and I also had a nice foot/calf massage…

IMG_1387.JPG Today was a busy morning for Corom and the girls. They cleaned while I was gone, my 3rd child went to a birthday party, and Corom had to run to the college he is going to be an adjunct teacher at to pick up the schedule. He brought the girls with him and then came to the race. They also washed the dogs today… That is quit the chore!

IMG_1439.JPG Now the cross country team had a meet today… That I sadly missed!!! They changed to date of this meet so I obviously had other things going on. Our girls team ran really well!!! They placed 1st as a team and I believe our boys placed 4th. I wish I could have been there. But what do you do!

IMG_1388.JPG A great bunch of HS kids! Later, Corom, the girls and I went to our Ward/church activity. The theme was games of yesteryears. Playing the old school games (stilts, jump rope, marbles, darts, badminton, face painting, tether ball, four square, etc.) We also had a nice dinner. 🙂


IMG_1441.JPG That, too, was a great time! It is fun acting like a child (which Corom does frequently). 😉 We put the girls to bed and then the Fullmer’s came over for a movie. I’m tired but I’m always up for a movie!

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  1. Congrats on the amazing finish in the tri-relay! Your half was incredible. What a team. I just have to say that Corom looks stunning! Years ago we announced to some of our classes that the following week would be a make up week (we meant a make up for a day missed due to rain). This was lost in translation for the 4 year olds and they told their parents we were doing a Hair and Beauty Day. So good old Rock let me buy a bunch of Hello Kitty glittery stuff and in the middle of class started applying gloss and nail polish on himself. It went over so well he took it to the hockey and lacrosse classes and did this when the boys least expected it. Best classes ever!

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