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Running To School To Pulling Teeth

August 26, 2014

Sunday: Church , Rest and Meetings… We did have a few families over for dinner… We had a fun time.

Monday: I went out for a 1:17.37 minute run (a little over 10 miles). I ran with Mac and Aubrey and I felt great! Later in the morning the house inspector came to “inspect” our house to finalize the sell. I was informed that the family (that is buying our house) was coming to meet up with him to go through the house. That immediately made me stress… I cleaned my house but not thoroughly clean my house. :/ The bathrooms needed some work and some other areas… I had 30 min to run through and get things done before the girls and I had to leave. Well… It worked out as much as it could have. 🙂 The girls and I headed off to cross country and sent the HS kids on a 7.8 mile run with a 3 1/2 mile tempo.

IMG_1493.JPG That evening for family night we hung out with a few other families. We played a little dodge ball and ate some treats…

IMG_1494.JPG Good times. It wore my kids down!…


Tuesday: Speed work… Need I say more! I met up with Amber, Melissa and Scott. Oh I love these guys! They always meet up when a speed work needs to be done. It makes doing a speed workout so much easier. We ran a 3 mile warmup (23:53). We landed on the track and ran 7 x 800’s with a lap recovery. My 1st one: 2:56; 2nd: 2:55; 3rd: 2:55; 4th: 2:51; 5th: 2:54; 6th: 2:51; 7th: 2:45. We then finished off with a 2 1/2 mile cool down. I felt good after my workout but during my workout… A whole different story… I didn’t like it too much. 😉 But I know that that is normal. I try to teach the HS kids that and to let them know that those feelings (of not enjoying it) is totally normal! I ran 11.25 miles total… I did hurry home to be there when the girls were waking up. It was my kindergartener’s (3rd child) 1st day of school.

IMG_1495.JPG She was so excited and her 2 older sisters were just as excited for her. 🙂 It was cute to watch. I then ran my pre-schooler to school. 😦

IMG_1475.JPG I don’t like all my kids being in school… But what do you do? 🙂 During that time of the kids being in school, I met up with the PTO board and all the classroom helpers to go over our 1/2 marathon to marathon challenge. The meeting went well. After picking up my 2 younger girls from school…

IMG_1496.JPG …it was errands and hanging out until cross country practice. The HS kids went on a 5 1/2 mile recovery run with a few strides at the end.

IMG_1497.JPG The girls did their homework and reading and then we made pizzas with the YW in our ward…

IMG_1498.JPG Right before the girl’s bedtime… My 2nd child wanted her loose tooth out. :/ Yeah… It was not the funniest thing to watch but she was so adamant about getting it out!!!

Once in bed… My visiting teachers came and then Stephanie and Camille came over to watch the bachelor. Yeah… It was a late night! 🙂

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  1. Yikes! The tooth pulling looks scary! Your girls look so cute at school! When is your half marathon schedule for that you are putting together? I wish I could use that as an excuse to head west 🙂

    • We are having our kick off assembly today and beginning next week we will start the challenge (at least 1 1/2 miles a week to complete the 1/2 marathon challenge). I am nervous today for the assembly! I hope it flows well. :/

    • You should come out here!!!!

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