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CC Meet, Camping, Work, Church & Hanging Out

August 31, 2014

Saturday: A good morning for a HS cross country meet. The weather and temperature was perfect. We went to AF for the Grass Relays. It was only a 2 mile course but with hay bales in the way at 3 different places.

IMG_1634.JPG The kids really like this race. They started with the frosh/soph females then males, then the junior/seniors race female then males, and finally the relay varsity teams females then males.

IMG_1635.JPG The “JV” runners ran really well. The boys improved on their times and competed! It was fun to watch. The varsity girls also ran well. They took 10th as a team out of 27 teams. Our varsity boys took 11th. Our top guy ran very well (there were a couple of college coaches scouting him). He felt the nerves and the pressure before the race, but it didn’t seem to affect him once he started.

IMG_1636.JPG Once the varsity races started (it was a 5 man relay team), one runner per team ran at a time the 2 miles… They would then hand off to their 2nd teammate and that runner would run with the baton until they finished the 2 mile course, etc… It was a good hour or so just for the girls varsity race. Then the same for the boys varsity… It was fun to watch. I was able to get a good moderate to hard 36:17 minute run in before the races began and then an additional 40 minutes of running back and forth for each of these races. It really was a good workout! Corom and the girls were having fun camping with the Fullmer’s and the Booths.

IMG_1663-0.JPG I wish I were able to go but I also knew the HS kids needed me there at their race. Either way I would have felt bad. 🙂 But the girls had fun…

IMG_1664.JPG My 2nd child has been complaining about her knee for the past 3 to 4 days. I feel bad because I thought maybe she tweaked it and there was nothing we could do about it. I did have her ice it but she still complained about it. Thank goodness Mike Fullmer was there (he is our pediatrician)… He checked out her knee while they were camping. She actually had an infection from a cut or something… There was bacteria build up. :/

IMG_1662.JPG Well now the next few days we will have to watch it, clean it, squeeze the pus out, etc. Fun times! We both got home at the same time and began to clean, organize and pack. :/ The girls did go with their grandma (Sarah- g-goat) to her city days. They had a mini carnival. I then went to work at the Clarion Manor.

IMG_1637.JPG We catered for a HS reunion (they were in their 70’s). Cute old people. Good Food!

Sunday: Church day! We went to church today. The meeting (Sacrament) was really good today! The girls were good… For the last hour Corom taught all the youth (12-18 year olds)… He taught about the “Natural Man”.

IMG_1665.JPG He did a great job. The youth talked a lot and he kept their attention. After church was fun. We goofed around… The girls were very playful today…

IMG_1633.JPG… We made cookies, looked for some lost keys that I would have been in deep trouble if I couldn’t find them (which I finally did), and had some neighbors over for dinner. Now it’s late. I do have a race in the morning… We will see if I actually get up and do it (I have to still sign up). 🙂

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