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Onion Days 10k- Labor Day; Go Go Go!

September 2, 2014

Monday: Another race morning… The traditional Labor Day Payson Onion Days 10k. I run this race (or the 5k) every year. Even though, I wasn’t in the mood to run the 10k this morning, I had to do it for traditional sake. 🙂 I chose the 10k over the 5k just for the sole reason of it being a better workout. Well as we lined up at the start, I looked around and saw many women that made me nervous and regret my decision to not sign up for the 5k. 😉 During my race, I did throw in a few surges on the other female competitors to throw them off mentally. I was just as tired but I didn’t want them to know it… Oh the mind games. I felt good up until mile 4. I held my pace but it was tough to finish the last 2 miles on a slight uphill! I finished my 10k in 38:14 and placed 1st overall. I’m glad I ran the 10k and I was even happier when it was over. For real.. It wasn’t that bad. I ended up running almost 10 miles total… 2 miles before and almost 2 miles after. Good run!

IMG_1728.JPG And of course we (the girls, Corom and I) went to the Onion Day’s parade with a few other neighbors. I love parades… Oh and so do my girls. 🙂

IMG_1729.JPG… We did come home and do some chores and organizing. Oh the fun times of getting stuff ready for a move. This is a very rare occasion for any of kids to mow the lawn… That’s why I took a picture. :/

IMG_1696.JPG We went to the Fullmer’s for swimming and BBQing. We had a good day as a family and hanging out!

IMG_1702.JPG As soon as the girls went to bed, I finished up all the loose ends for the 1/2 marathon/marathon challenge. I had to write a letter to the parents explaining the whole challenge and fundraiser. It will began tomorrow. :/

Tuesday: I woke up this morning knowing it was going to be one of those go go go days. I ran with Amber and Rachelle a nice 7 mile recovery run. It took us 54:51.99. It was a good run and we had great conversations! I love running for this reason. Very therapeutic! At home I had 2 extra kids waiting for me. A 5 year old and a 2 month old.

IMG_1704.JPG Oh to have a newborn in the house and a boy! It was fun and I forgot how it was to have a baby around. But it was easy enough to bring him with me on my activities and errands. I dropped the girls off at school and my youngest, the baby and I went to a PTO meeting. We put all the packets together (the parent/guardian letter, the pledge sheet, the thank you notes to the donators, the log sheet and the envelopes)… To send off to all the parents.

IMG_1706.JPG The 2 kids went home, my neighbor watched my kids and Stephanie, Melissa and I went to the other Elementary school to help present the challenge to them. We only spoke for a minute and then handed it over to their schools representatives. It was a successful assembly.

IMG_1708.JPG I hurried off to a cross country meet. It was a point A to point B race, so the other coach and I brought our bikes to ride back and forth.

IMG_1730.JPG It is a beautiful course up the canyon (a very fast course)! Our top guy won the race and ran a 15 something 5k. We had great performances and some that went ok. 🙂

IMG_1732.JPG I had to hurry and leave to get to YW’s… We went bowling and had a blast! I have not gone Bowling in so long.

IMG_1723.JPG I finally made it home after this busy day. I am so grateful for my neighbors Emilee and Stephanie!!! Stephanie grabbed my girls (because Corom had a meeting), took them to her house and helped them with their homework.

IMG_1733.JPG It made me want to cry… For many different reasons… for a great friend to help me out and to help my girls with their homework and also because I felt the guilt of a mom for not being there to help my own kids out. I love, love coaching but sometimes I feel bad when I am gone for the meets, etc. I do try to involve them as much as possible, but yeah… 🙂 Anyway, the girls were up when I got home from YW’s. I was able to give them some loves and send them off to bed. Corom, too, was busy.. Work at the jail, teaching his class at the university and church meetings. Busy day!


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