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One Of Those Days… A Boring Post. :)

September 3, 2014

It was one of those days… The day went smooth and no problems but I was just in a down mood. And I know we all go through it but I couldn’t shake it off. I had a great 1:00.16 minute, 8.3 mile run. The girls, the 2 kids I watched today and another little neighbor boy walked to school today… It was a beautiful morning and the mile walk to school was good…

IMG_1738.JPG The kids played, we ran a couple of errands, had piano lessons today, went to cross country practice…

IMG_1747.JPG… The kids went on a 7 1/2 mile moderate to hard run. And of course we have the few that are injured and have to ride the stationary bikes. Good times for them… Then we had dinner and the girls and I went to a soccer coaches meeting.

IMG_1746.JPG The girls are playing in the city league soccer. I volunteered to be a coach for the kindergartener’s… I don’t know a lot about soccer. That is why I signed up for that age because all they do is run around in a big clump and chase the ball. So I will have my 2 younger girls on my team. We came home (around 7:30) and the girls did their 20 minutes of reading, then went straight to bed. I did lots of laundry. Corom is lucky he works late tonight… Otherwise he would be folding with me. :/

IMG_1749.JPG This is only a 3rd of the laundry… Anyway… It is late and I am going to bed. Oh… I lost my wallet a few days ago- I cannot find it!!!! :/ Our accounts are still ok so that is a good sign. Well good night. Tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂

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  1. I hope all is feeling better. I had a super rough day yesterday where I felt just down as well. Not like me at all. It made me realize just how difficult it must be for people who suffer from bouts of depression. Back to normal today. Hope you are having a happy one as well!

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