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School Fun, Running Fun, CC Meet & a Hotel Stay

September 5, 2014

Thursday: It was a better day! I went out for a great run. I ran 10 miles in 1:06.40. The 1st 39 minutes was at a good solid pace. Then I began a Fartlek. :/ I ran between 1:25 minute to 2:20 minuets hard/fast with a 1:00-1:10 minute recovery. I was able to get 10 in. I felt good. Corom and Mike then went out for their long run… They returned about 3 1/2 hours later. They got in 18 miles!

IMG_1758.JPG They were pretty wiped out. I went to my kindergartener’s class celebration… We had lunch and lemonade.

IMG_1799.JPG The girls and I went to cross country practice and sent them on an easy 5 mile shakeout run…

IMG_1801.JPG My kids and the other coaches kids just ran around for a while. After practice, we had a team dinner that our captains put on…


Friday: I got up early and ran for 55:13.92. It was a nice recovery run. At home, we got the girls ready for school and then off they went. My youngest and I ran some errands and dropped off some treats for my 2nd oldest’s class (1st grade). Her birthday is tomorrow… 🙂 I then left for a cross country meet and my 2 younger girls went to their friends house (until their babysitter got out of school).

IMG_1772.JPG I headed up to Logan (for an over night cross country meet). The HS kids performed so well!!!! They came here and competed (probably the best race so far).

IMG_1797.JPG It was not one or two individuals… It was every single one of them! I was a very happy coach today. I saw determination, want and a fight in them. Good times!

IMG_1798.JPG It was a great meet… There were 30 (or 31) teams that showed! After the meet, we arrived at our hotel and ate pizza, played games, swam in the pool, etc. I sat down a read a book. 🙂 I had a nice hotel room and it was quiet!

IMG_1802.JPG I do miss Corom and the girls though! They were going to come meet me up here but things didn’t work out. They attended a neighborhood BBQ and had tons of fun there. Well it is late and I’m going to bed!

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