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Birthday Fun, Running Fun, Sunday Fun

September 7, 2014

Saturday: I woke up from a deep sleep to my alarm going off in my hotel room. It was weird not having a child in my bed! I went out for a 25:17 minute easy run. There was a lightening storm going on while I was out and it was beautiful.

IMG_1803.JPG I really enjoyed this shakeout run! Back at the hotel, the cross country team and I met up for breakfast. It was a good breakfast! And I didn’t eat too much knowing we were headed out for a run as a team. 🙂 On our way home we stopped off at Antelope Island and ran an amazing 7.5 mile loop. We saw buffalo and antelope and the view was amazing!

IMG_1893.JPG I did end up running 3 1/2 miles more after I finished the loop. I ran back to the last runner… It was a great way for me to get more mileage in. I ran about 8 1/2 miles in 1:01.? and 1:22.38 for the full 11. Total running time was 1:47.55 (about 14 miles…). It was a great run! We loaded the school bus and headed home!!! I could not wait to get home… It is my 2nd daughter’s 7th birthday! While I was out running… My daughter and the rest of the family went to our friend’s baptism (the Burks and Lyman’s), she had a few people stop by and brought a nice treat (thanks Mary and Siri… You don’t realize how much this means to the kids and us), and they helped our neighbors lay sod.

IMG_1902.JPG I pulled up right around lunch time, with the entire cross country team, on the bus and they all sang happy birthday (while the bus driver-Gary, honked the horn). She loved it! Good kids to help me make her day!

IMG_1891.JPG We then took off and had some fun at Hang Time (a trampoline place). We were given 4 passes… I have never been there before but My kids were so excited.

IMG_1903.JPG We were there for a couple of hours and it went by way too fast. It was a lot of fun!

IMG_1904.JPG We came home, opened presents…

IMG_1905.JPG… Had brownies (we like brownies over cake)…

IMG_1906.JPG And then it was movie night with the girls. I did a lot of organizing and de-junking… Oh the joys of packing!

IMG_1907.JPG Corom was packing for his Alaska trip and he also finished making a long board for a friend/neighbor of ours. It turned out really good.


Sunday: We woke up and got ready for church. The girls were good… A little restless at times but good. Corom left early this morning for the airport. He is going to Alaska with his brothers, mom and uncles. Our neighbors invited the girls and I over for dinner tonight. It was very nice not having to worry about cooking and we had a great time! They are good friends of ours and I appreciate their friendship. It was a good Sunday! The one thing that does worry me… When to get my running in this week. :/ :/ :/ It is sad but it really is a worry of mine! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful picks. Happy birthday to your second. What a fun happy birthday from your team!

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