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Running, Soccer & More

September 11, 2014

Wednesday: The kids were sent off to school and my friend Stephanie watched my youngest so I can go for my run. It was a good, solid pace. 8.1 miles in 55:32. I am so grateful that she has been willing to watch them all week!!! I was able to take her little girl for her so she could go workout.

IMG_2003.JPG It is a good day of packing and organizing. :/ We have too much stuff!!! Towards the end of the school day, the cross country kids and I met up with the elementary school kids. We all ran together for 20 minutes to complete their mile and a half goal for the week. It was so amazing to see the little kids light up when the HS kids came! I cannot put into words how proud I am of the CC team and their willingness to do these things!

IMG_2004.JPG After my 2 older girls went to piano… My 2 younger girls and I met up with the CC team for practice. I sent them off on the same 8.1 mile route that I went on this morning. They did well.

My oldest had her 1st soccer practice (of the season). She really enjoyed it.

IMG_2006.JPG Corom on the other hand has been having a lousy time fishing in Alaska with his brothers, mom, uncle and cousin…

IMG_2002.JPG The fishing has been so good this year for them! Good times for him! I did have a dear friend, Mary & Siri drop off some cookies for me!!! They made my day and it couldn’t have been at a better time! Love those 2!!! I had a meeting for YW’s tonight at my house. I work with great women… We are all working together trying to put differences aside and making it the girls feel loved! We had a good discussion. 😉

Thursday: Another morning of getting the girls ready and off to school. They were a little cranky this morning but they got to school on time. I was childless for a couple of hours. So I went for a 1:15.07 run. I don’t know how far I ran but I was a little tired today. It was the usual when I picked up my preschooler and kindergartener… Hanging out, playing with friends, etc. The girls had fun at CC practice (and they fought really well too).

IMG_2007.JPG The CC kids went on a easy 4 1/2 mile run with 3-5 strides to finish it off. They were happy to have an easy/short run! Once again, I had some of the cross country runners who are also soccer players, help coach the kindergartener team I “volunteered” to coach. My 2 younger daughters are on this team… But I really don’t know too much about soccer. I do love these CC kids!

IMG_2008.JPG I know they enjoy doing this type of stuff but I am still very honored to be coaching a group of kids (and it is not only this year/season) who are willing to be unselfish! Anyway… At home we did the usual thing… Dinner, homework, showers, and sleep… They all were asleep by 7:30. 🙂 Tasha came over and we were able to hang out and talk with no interruptions. It was a nice evening.

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  1. I absolutely love that you have such great CC kids to help you. Having them volunteer and inspire the younger children will ensure that your program continues to be great and even grow. Running can be a tough sport to get kids interested in. You were the talk of Central Park yesterday. I flew in this week to help Rock with classes and yesterday was 3 different lacrosse classes. Afterwards Rock said it cracked him up how many times I yelled at the boys to either grab their balls or hold onto their balls. I said I wished the two of you were here and that I thought Corom would be a blast doing this. I can only imagine him finding as many ways as possible to get that in there 🙂

    • Sarah… That is way too funny. And the sad or good thing (whichever) that will never get old. We do need to figure out a way to meet up sometime! With the CC kids… They really are amazing! When it comes to their own workout at times it is frustrating but that’s with anyone and sports. These kids are always willing to help out whenever needed!

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