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I Promise My Life Is Not All About Running…There Is Waxing Involved

September 14, 2014

Friday: The girls went to school and my youngest and I went for a 20 minute run before we hooked up with a few elementary classes for their marathon challenge run. So I ran for another 20 minutes with them (with my 4 year old doing the same). We took care of a few PTO stuff and then at home I organized and packed some more. Later in the afternoon we went back to the school to run 20 minutes with the other classes (I ran about 10 minutes of it).

IMG_2026.JPG It has been a blast for me and for the students! The HS kids have been coming and encouraging them and a few other parents. The girls had movie night with a babysitter while I went to a night cross country meet. It was fun for the HS kids! They had flood lights out in the field, glow sticks to light up the tunnels and baseball field lights on. It was a different and unique experience for them. They loved it and ran well! The JV teams really shined…

IMG_2028.JPG While I was at the meet, I received a phone call from a pacing group for 1/2 to full marathons. In the morning is the popular Big Cottonwood 1/2 marathon-marathon. Well the pacer for the 3:05 hour in the marathon was unable to do it. I was asked if I could run the 1st 14 1/2 miles of it and then meet a “replacement” at the mile 14 marker… I said ok. :/ After the meet… I went home and got into bed as soon as I could (about 10:30).

Saturday: My alarm went off at 3:35 a.m. :/ ugh! I quickly got ready, my babysitter showed up (5 min to 4)- she is amazing to come that early, and then I was off. I was thinking the whole hour and 15 minute drive to the buses on why did I say I would help pace! The bus drive up, I thought the same thing. When I was given my pacer stick and my pace band… And The minute we all lined up and I saw the excitement around me and being in that atmosphere, it changed the way I felt.

IMG_2033-3.JPG I, too, became excited and I knew this was going to be a blast… And it truly was. I met so many great people. 90% of them were all trying to qualify for Boston marathon. (For one of the men’s age group… They have to break 3:05.) So for 14 1/2 miles, I heard many stories, jokes, struggles, learned about families, and about all the different goals everyone around me had. It was an amazing experience.

IMG_2029.JPG We began to catch up with the 1/2 marathoners… The sight was amazing! Thousands of runners all along the road. I think the reason why I really enjoyed pacing this was because I enjoyed the beauty around me! I was able to meet many different people and we are all going for the same goal (in a round about way). I handed off to my partner, Clark, at mile 14… Ran for a little while with him until I reached my car. I was sad to stop but I did get about 15 1/2 miles in for the day. I ran the 14 1/2 miles in 1:38. A good run. I headed home and was welcomed by my 4 girls (it was a little after 10). I knew it was going to be a long day. 🙂 The girls and I got a lot done today (before dad got home). My 2nd child (7 year old) mowed the front lawn all on her own! It was great!!!

IMG_2025.JPG Corom finally came home after his week in Alaska. He brought home a lot of Salmon. I do feel bad because I put him to work (mainly in the garage) right away. We are probably moving in 3 weeks but we are signing our house over on Monday. :/ Scary yet exciting! There is lots to do! We did have a church meeting to go to (Stake Conference) for all the youth and adults. We went with the Barney’s… He brought these monster MM’s. It is always nice to snack on candy. 🙂 It was very nice to listen to the speakers and their testimonies. So many good people all around us! The 4 of us went back to our house and the Fullmer’s met up with us. We had every intention of eating nachos, playing games or watching a movie…

IMG_2039.JPG It turned into a waxing party. :/ Us ladies were a little disgusted but the guys were very entertained.

IMG_2058.JPG It was very entertaining I might say. We couldn’t stop laughing… There were a few times Amy, Megan and I would get a little nauseated. :/

IMG_2057.JPG Always something! It’s late and I am way tired.

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