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This Week Is So Busy & Going By Too Fast!

September 24, 2014

Monday: I went out for a 58:04 minute run. It was so dark this morning… I ran alone and it was a little scary. :/ I am kind of a wimp when it comes to running in the dark. It was a good run though! I felt good! I did have many thoughts running through my head though… A few insecurities were flowing through my mind, that I know I should try to push out. It was all based on my training and if I am doing what I should be doing to try to OTQ. I’ve been coming up with my workout schedule/plan on my own. I run based on how I feel, and I feel like there is no structure behind what I’m doing. But I do not want to hire a coach… :/ Anyway… I will keep doing what I have been doing. I hurried home and got the kids ready for school. They were acting silly this morning…

I stayed at the school for awhile to help set up for the Book Fair…

IMG_2357.JPG I did come home for a while to do some more packing. It is never ending!!! And my life is so busy! I went back to the school to help, then it was off to cross country practice. The HS kids ran an 8 mile route… And my girls and I followed them in the car.

IMG_2358.JPG At home, we had family night then went to our soon to be “new” house to fix a few things. 🙂

IMG_2359.JPG Today was a long day and it went by quick!

Tuesday: Another speed day. :/ I met up with Amber and Rachelle for the fun track work. We ran a 2 mile warmup before we began the dreaded 800’s. I ran this workout on my own because the other 2 did their own (it’s easier to get up and do a workout if you know others will be there). I ran 5 x 800’s. The 1st one: 2:43; 2nd one: 2:42; 3rd one: 2:44; 4th one: 2:42; 5th one was a 2:45. :/ I was so tired the last one. I did run a lap and a half for a recovery in between my 800’s. I was hoping to stay in the 2:41-2:43 range and I know that I was a second or 2 off in 2 of them but I was still disappointed. Oh well… They are tough. We then ran a 33:43 minute cool down (4 1/2 miles). It was a nice recovery! I met up with Megan Barney and ran with her for awhile. I ran about 11 miles total. At home, we got the girls ready and off to school they went. I helped at the book fair this morning… It was so fun trying to figure out the credit card machine.

IMG_2340.JPG I’m glad we figured it out because it was a mad house! Kids everywhere. 🙂 As I got in my car to leave, I smelt a funny smell… Corom called a few minutes later to tell me he put a bag of popcorn in for our chickens and rabbits… I went to the back to grab it…

IMG_2341.JPG It was a monster bag! I laughed out loud because of how big it was. I did some more packing, helped more at the school with the book fair and the marathon challenge. Then the girls and I were off to cross country practice. It was a hill/speed workout.

IMG_2387.JPG The kids were tired. After dinner, we went to do soccer pictures and the 3 younger girls had games. My youngest didn’t want to wear her uniform so she wasn’t in the picture nor did she play. (She really isn’t on the team but because I coach the kindergarten team I throw her in the game every once in a while.)

IMG_2388.JPG The girls are having fun playing. They are playing better each time and their confidence is building!

IMG_2391.JPG Once the game was over, we headed over to the church for YW’s. Corom met me down there and took the girls with him. We had a craft and donut night!

IMG_2355.JPG Busy Day!!!

Wednesday: I went on a 54:03.56 minute run. The minute half I met up with Mac, Aubrey, and Holly. We ran at a steady, solid pace. My legs were tired from yesterday but they felt good after they loosened up. I ran about 7.5-7.8 miles. Once again, we headed to the school early to help at the book fair. My girls love it because they sit there and read all the books that are on display. (I helped again after Sep’s this afternoon).

IMG_2369.JPG There was so much going on today… Right after we closed up shop, I headed over to help with the vision testing for the school…

IMG_2362.JPG A neighbor watched my 2 younger girls so Corom and I could I sign on our new house! 🙂 It took a while but it is done. I think everything will be finalized by Friday and by next Friday we will move into our new home. 🙂 Scary but exciting!!! I came home and packed some more. I went back to the school to help the classes with their 1/2 marathon to marathon challenge (and passed out popsicles). At cross country practice, the kids went on a 7 mile recovery run, while my 2 younger girls, the other coach and I went around and began to set up our course for a big meet we are hosting on Friday. My 2 older girls were at piano lessons.

IMG_2363.JPG I took my girls to SEP’s (parent, student, teacher conference)…

IMG_2392.JPG The 3 girls are doing well in school. There are some areas that they each lack in but overall they are doing well. I did go back into the book fair for a little bit. I am so grateful for such a great PTO committee!!! I really could not do it without them. We were also in charge of putting a dinner together for the teachers… Stephanie and Candy took care of the dinner… I did not have to worry at all about it! Brit took over the vision screening and had 9 volunteers show up (they needed 1 more person so I stayed)…It was nice not to have to worry about that. Melissa has helped me every step of the way… Always there for the marathon challenge, etc.!!! She is in charge of the Book Fair and it has gone so smoothly! Camille helps out every where she can… I know I’m leaving some people out but really… These ladies are amazing! It’s nice not having to worry about it all! We had my oldest’s soccer game tonight. She is one of those players that is not dominate, will wait until the ball comes to her before she kicks it, etc. I think it’s great… She is having fun and loving it.

IMG_2394.JPG Oh she had a cute skirt on too. 🙂 My other 3 played and fought! Nothing knew.

Well at half time, which I thought I was safe, I told her that if she were to score a goal… I would take her and her sisters out for ice cream…

IMG_2393-0.JPG Yep… She scored. :/ She kicked the ball and it was slow motion… The goalie went to go for it but her shoe came off so she stopped to grab her shoe… Well the ball rolled right past her… The ice cream tasted good. 😉 We stayed up until 8:30 trying to finish up homework and then it was off to bed for them. I packed. :/ Corom came home in between work (it is his late night) to help load some of the heavier stuff in the trailer… Good times! 🙂

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  1. Ah, those are the best goals. When we coach the kindergarten hockey teams it is painful sometimes watching them push the puck back and forth. I keep thinking nobody will EVER score and then you get one of those slo-mo moments. Hilarious. Yay on the new house! Also, I never really thought you needed a coach because you ARE the smart coach. I always admire your smart training. But if you ever want to consult with someone I have a friend who is the CC coach at OSU and OTQed….she loves all things training plans and I bounce many an idea off of her. She made me a brilliant marathon plan so despite my plans that I make for my 140 runners Rock and I use hers 🙂 But I still think you have an excellent handle on this.

    • Thanks Sarah! I do lack the confidence in marathon training. I know the 5k-10k but throwing in marathon training is a whole different ball game! 🙂 I would love some help and/or ideas! You are the best. Are your parents still here in Utah? Sorry I have not responded in a while! It has been so busy for me! When is your big marathon (or the one that you are training others to do)?

      • My parents left Utah and are actually on their way here today. They had a great time in Utah, Nevada and Colorado. I am going to reach out to my friend Sara and see if she has some helpful tips. She’s crazy awesome. I am coaching for the Chicago Marathon which is October 12. Can you believe I have 140 athletes running?! Rock is also racing which I am super excited because he has been working in NYC for the past few weeks and I am seriously missing him. Hope the move is going well!

      • 140 athletes! That is amazing!! How fun for you and a lot of work! That would be great to see what your friend has to say about workouts. Thank you!

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