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My 10k PR, CC Invitational, Moving & Kids

September 27, 2014

Saturday: I am so glad Corom arrived home at 3 a.m. That means I was able to go race in a 10k… The Powerhouse 10k. Rachelle, Amber and I ran a 3 mile warmup together and then they ran to the 5k starting line and I ran up to the 10k starting line. I ended up running another 2+ miles to finish off a little over 5 miles in 40:03. Then began the race… Right from the beginning, a college red shirting female runner took off. I could not keep up with her so I made sure I could always keep her in sight. It was a fairly fast course! For the 1st few miles, I kept thinking, I am tired right now how am I going to be able to hold this pace for 26 miles. That changed quickly when we reached the half way point… It was a 17:38!!! :/ I finished the 10k with a huge PR (personal record)! I ran a 36:01.9! I have never been in the 36’s for a 10k… So yes, I was a little happy about this race. It was a 5:49 pace I believe. The female ahead of me ran a 35:23… Amazing! Towards the end it began to rain on us and then pour. Loved it! We ran a 2.2 mile cool down, totaling today’s run at 13 1/2.

IMG_2454.JPG I felt good… Tired but good. At home we loaded up the trailer we borrowed and took it to our new house to unload it in the garage…

IMG_2455.JPG It has been raining/pouring most of the day… The girls and neighbor kids had a blast with the rain and with the clogged drain…

IMG_2456.JPG I remember as a kid playing in the gutter like this whenever it rained. I rarely ever let my kids do that because I hate cleaning up the mess of wet clothes… I need to not care so much and to not be “lazy” with the dirtiness of kids! I don’t know how my mom did it with 7 kids. My mom is The most patient, caring, service oriented person that anyone will ever meet!!! Anyway… I was able to attend Women’s Conference at our stake center with Megan for an hour. I am so glad I went. Corom and the girls went up to G-Goats house to help her with something. We then headed off to the clown rodeo… In the rain (thank goodness for covering)!

IMG_2483.JPG We had so much fun!!! The clowns were amazing and the bulls were scary!

IMG_2482.JPG One guy was stepped on… He got up real quick and ran off…



Friday: Another busy day… I did sleep in a little. I wasn’t able to go for a run until after the 3 older girls went to school. It was a rough morning for my girls… My youngest poured a whole yogurt container full of cereal. She had to sit there all morning until it was time for us to leave for school. It was also picture day and trying to get the girls to wear something I wanted them to wear was not fun. :/

IMG_2403.JPG I helped for the last day of the Book Fair, went over and helped with picture day (organizing the classes in their lines), was able to get away for 33 minutes for a nice, easy run, then went back to the school for the 1/2 marathon-marathon challenge (running with all the 1st graders) and passing out Popsicles after. The kids here at the Elementary school are doing amazing with this challenge! So fun to watch!

IMG_2457.JPG I was able to get a lot of packing done in the hour that I had (Stephanie took my youngest to her house- that was a huge help). My 2 younger girls and the other coaches daughter went with me to the HS. We are hosting a major cross country invitational at our school. We had 38 teams and close to 1600-1700 runners.

IMG_2458.JPG We did divide it into 6 races: girls freshmen/sophomore; boys frosh/soph; girls junior/senior; boys jun/sen; girls varsity; boys varsity. There were excellent performances and many who left it all out there…

IMG_2459.JPG yeah…. That’s probably really gross. I couldn’t help it! :/

IMG_2460.JPG Once the meet was over, I grabbed the girls from the babysitter’s and went to my oldest’s soccer game… It is very entertaining to watch her… She is learning. 😉

IMG_2484.JPG I was beat tonight… The girls went to bed and I soon followed.

Thursday: I went out for 11 miles this morning in 1:22. Rachelle and Amber ran 8 miles with me. It is nice having them there. Corom left for California this morning to head to his cousins funeral. He was only 42 and passed away in his sleep from sleep apnea… Leaving behind a wife and 2 young daughters. It is so sad but Corom said the service was a beautiful service. Benny was so amazing and has touched the lives of many!
I dropped the girls off at school, helped at the book fair, ran with some of the grades at school…

IMG_2396.JPG… I made a complete mess of my house…

IMG_2395.JPG Then the girls and I headed off to cross country practice… They went on an easy 4-5 mile run. After they finished running, we all began to get things ready for the cross country invitational at our HS tomorrow.

IMG_2433.JPG After dinner, I took the 3 younger ones to their soccer game…

IMG_2512.JPG After the girls went to bed, I did lots of laundry. :/ Not my most favorite thing to do! It was late before I went to bed.

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