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I Can’t Wait Until We Are All Moved Out!

September 30, 2014

Sunday: Today was church. It went well… My youngest did have a little accident during sacrament meeting. That’s always exciting. :/ especially now that Corom sits up in the stands and I have the 4 girls with me on the bench. Thank goodness for people always willing to help out. At home, we did some more packing. Nancy and I then went to visit our neighbor for visiting teaching and then we went to another neighbor’s house for dinner (thanks Barney’s). It was a lifesaver because this past week I feel like there is no time to make dinner. We helped some other neighbors get their ball out of the gutter… :/

IMG_2514.JPG We put the girls to bed, packed some more, then went to bed.

Monday: I met up with Beth and we went for a 11 mile run in 1:22.42. It was a good run. After the girls went to school, I came home and packed. :/ I cannot wait until it’s all done! The girls and I went to cross country practice (they went out on a 8-10 mile run).

IMG_2545.JPG Our good friend brought us dinner tonight… Thanks Candy! We took a nice little break and had family night. I love watching Funniest Home videos with the girls! They laugh so hard!

IMG_2546.JPG It was a nice little break… Bed time, then more packing (now it’s all the little things to pack) :/. Bedtime came shortly after for us too!

Tuesday: The lovely 800’s this morning. I decided to do them on the road and I don’t know if that defeats the purpose… I did have a slight (like 1%) downhill for the first minute and then the rest was flat to my finish spot. It was mentally easier doing the 800’s on the road, then on the track. My times were faster (thanks to the downhill). I did a 19 minute warmup (ran into Mac, Aubrey and Holly). Then I started the 800’s… 1st one: 2:33, ran back up to the start to finish off a mile in 6:15; 2nd one: 2:35, mile in 6:15; 3rd one: 2:35, mile in 6:10; 4th one: 2:33, mile in 6:10; 5th one: 2:31, mile in 6:09; & 6th one: 2:32, mile in 6:03. I finished with a 16 minute cool down… Probably about 10 1/2 miles… I was glad when that was over! I came home and had a couple of extra kids there (at 7). I am helping a friend out with watching her newborn and kindergartener.

IMG_2547.JPG I took all my kids and the little girl I’m watching to school… It was me and the little guy and the house to clean. Yeah… He wasn’t too happy this morning so of course I had to sit with him from time to time. šŸ™‚ My neighbor took my 2 younger girls this afternoon (once the other 2 left), so I could get stuff done. That was very helpful… Thanks Emilee! Then it was off to cross country (downhill mile repeats)….

IMG_2548.JPG (That blister was from the race before… He tried to run on it… Talk about painful! šŸ˜¦ ). The girls and I then went to their soccer games…


IMG_2550.JPG My youngest was running around doing who knows what…

My oldest was supposed to keep an eye on her… šŸ™‚ She is a nut and has no fear! I took the picture from a distance so it is not to clear… Anyway, we came home, did homework, bedtime routine and then tried going to bed. It took the girls a long time to fall asleep! We cleaned (almost done) and then I blogged. Now it’s bedtime! šŸ™‚

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  1. Moving is so crazy. It will be done before you know it though! Very exciting.

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