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Running, CC Finals, Black Eye, Carving Pumpkins

October 13, 2014

Saturday: I woke up early to get a 1:09 minute run in before I headed off with the cross country team to our Region (finals) meet.

IMG_2997.JPG This season we had a few struggles with trying to keep the HS kids motivated or the wanting/desire to race… But after watching today’s meet, they proved to me that all this hard work of coaching and their practices paid off! They all ran well!!! The JV and Varsity runners left it all out there. I think everyone PR’d. It was a fun meet to watch and I was proud of them. The girls team and the guys team made it to State…

IMG_2998.JPG At home… It was one of those days!!! The girls bickered all day (I got home from the meet around 11:30)… At one point during the day, we caught my youngest chasing my 2nd to youngest (3rd child) down the hall with a knife. :/ She is only 4 years old… So that freaked me out on all different levels!

IMG_3005.JPG Corom did sit down with our youngest and had a really good “conversation” with her, explaining the damage and pain, etc. A knife could cause. About an hour later, my 2nd child a youngest (4th) were fighting. My 2nd child pushed the 4th and the 4th fell and hit her eye on the wall. :/

IMG_3001.JPG After many timeouts, room times, and other means of discipline, we finally decided to take the girls to the pond right across the street from us now. 🙂

IMG_3006.JPG There is a pathway that leads around the pond… I love it! I did have to take off for a little while. I was asked by some guy, that is trying to put his sport’s portfolio together, to take pictures of me running on the trails… We had to hike a little ways and I had to run down the same 4 trails about 20 times each. It was kind of fun though! 🙂 And it was beautiful!!!

IMG_3007.JPG I then headed straight to the HS for the Homecoming dance. I was helping my friend out with the pictures…

IMG_3008.JPG It was fun to see a lot of the kids that I coach not in there running attire! At home, Corom and I watched a movie.

Sunday: Today was church. The girls were good in sacrament meeting… That is always a bonus. At home, we had a few families over for dinner. We had a fun time. It was a nice day!

Monday: I went out on a run this morning… I ran 9.5 miles in 1:09.49. It felt good! I ran errands with my youngest while the other 3 were in school. Then I was able to work on a lot of the PTO stuff. Today, my 2 younger girls ate lunch with my 2 older girls. It was fun to sit with them. We decided to join them for recess…

IMG_3009.JPG The girls played with friends, then we all went to cross country practice…

IMG_3010.JPG They ran a 7 mile recovery run today. We visited Dottie tonight…

IMG_3011.JPG Then we did the whole pumpkin carving thing for Family Night. 🙂 The Barney’s joined the chaos for the evening. Always a good time!


IMG_3013.JPG We had a hard time putting the girls to bed tonight… Now that they are… I can work on this, Corom is watching a movie and I am going to bed!

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  1. Congrats to you and the CC teams! Your house sounds like such an awesome adventure. Never a dull moment.

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