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Speed Work, Soccer, Taking Corom’s Manhood…

October 15, 2014

Tuesday: I went out for my speed workout today. I started with a 15:45 warmup (2 miles). Then I started my 800’s (which I found out it is a little shy of an 800 :(. I was so bummed but it is what it is.) My 1st one was a 2:33, 6:11 to finish off the mile. 2nd one was 2:30, 6:06; 3rd one was 2:30, 6:01; 4th was 2:32, 6:03; 5th one was 2:31, 6:00; 6th one way 2:30, 5:59; and the last one was 2:29. I turned around and ran home for a recovery… 14:56. 10 1/2 + miles total. 1 hr 6 min. I thought I ran 11 but with the 800’s being a little short… Who knows. 🙂 My youngest and I (and the newborn that I babysit) went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.

IMG_3052.JPG It was fun to hang out with her… I had fun watching her run around with the other preschoolers.

IMG_3053.JPG At home I had 4 extra kids that I was watching for the afternoon.

IMG_3055.JPG It was off to cross country practice (I had a babysitter come today). The CC kids ran the same workout I ran but with a 1 mile warmup, 1 mile cool down and 6 x 750’s or whatever the distance is.

IMG_3056.JPG My 2 middle girls had their last soccer games! Woohoo!!! They had a great time.


IMG_3107.JPG We had the YW over at our house for food and a movie. My youngest was so tired she fell asleep on the floor as everyone was leaving.


Wednesday: I met up with Mac and Aubrey today for a 6 mile recovery run. It felt great! I ran for 46 minutes. It was beautiful this morning!

IMG_3070-1.JPG At home we got the girls ready for school and the 2 kids I babysit twice a week showed up around 8. I was not able to get to much done today… The baby required a lot of attention. Towards the end of the school day, I had some PTO stuff to take care of and then went out with a few of the classes to walk/run laps with them. The HS kids were there running with them.

IMG_3110.JPG My 2 older girls headed over to piano/violin lessons and my 2 younger girls and I headed off to CC practice. The HS kids ran 5 1/2 miles at a recovery pace.

IMG_3111.JPG The girls and I then loaded up to go pick up Corom. :/ He was at the doctors for a vasectomy appointment. 😉 Poor guy! We pulled into the parking lot and my 3rd daughter takes off… Yeah… I caught her peeing by the side of the building. 😦 I blame that on Corom. Corom’s procedure went well! He lost his tight tight underwear on the way there so I had to bring some from home. I couldn’t find any smaller than what he normally wears… So I brought some girl underwear. :/ Way to really take away his manhood. But it did the job!

IMG_3112-0.JPG He was sore the rest if the evening, for good reason, but did have a visitor (thanks Jason) and many funny text messages!

IMG_3113.JPG Corom had piece and quiet for a little while… The girls and I headed to my oldest’s last soccer game. They ended up losing with a overtime and then a shoot out. Yes this is 3rd grade soccer… I had to laugh to myself on the intensity and the need to know what team would place 3rd or 4th in the city league. 🙂 My daughter did not play as much in the game due to the competitiveness on this final game. She didn’t seem to care so I didn’t worry about it either. 🙂

IMG_3114.JPG My girls really do love soccer… They had a good time this season! The girls went straight to bed when they got home… They were supposed to watch a movie but due to the 3 younger ones fighting, that was taken away. :/ Once the girls were settled and Corom was settled, a couple of friends and I went to a movie, “If I Stay”. It was a good movie. It was nice to get out. I’m home and I’m tired!

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  1. I’m so sorry Corom. I laughed so hard at the end of this. That balloon is too funny and the girl underwear is just too much!

    • Yeah I felt bad bringing girls underwear for him… It was the icing on the cake with “taking away his manhood”. 🙂

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