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Longs Runs, Playing, Cleaning… The Norm

October 18, 2014

Thursday: I ran 49:40 with the HS kids this morning (there is no school today and tomorrow). I was able to run a 4 mile tempo the last 4 miles in my (I think) 7 mile run. It was too short of a workout but a good one (I wish I could have tempo’d another mile or 2). It was a beautiful morning!

IMG_3242.JPG I did turn back a little earlier to get my 2nd child to the dentist. Her tooth has been bothering her.

IMG_3243.JPG The girls and I headed to the pumpkin patch and met up with my sister and her kids, and my friend Marti and her kids… Lots of pictures!



IMG_3219.JPG… One more…

IMG_3240.JPG This pumpkin patch is huge and it’s all free. πŸ™‚ I’m all about the free stuff. My sister and sister-in-law and the girls cousins played and made messes and helped clean the rest of the afternoon. The LDS missionaries and Fullmer’s came over for dinner…

IMG_3212.JPG… The missionaries shared a good spiritual message, then had to leave for another appointment.

Friday: I met up with Amber this morning and went for an easy 54:46.09 minute run (about 7.3-7.4 miles). Shortly after my run, the HS kids showed up to their CC practice. I sent them off on a 6 1/2 mile Fartlek run and then they finished up at my house for pancakes and hot chocolate.

IMG_3244-0.JPG We did a lot of house organizing, yard cleaning, field weeding, tons of neighbors/friends playing, etc…

IMG_3245.JPG Lots to do and getting a little done at a time. My 2 middle children went to their friend’s little Halloween party. My oldest had 3 friends over for a movie and snacks night. πŸ™‚ They all had fun.

Saturday: I met up with Emily (meeting her for the 1st time) and Devra this morning for a 21 mile run. Emily is running CIM also to try to Olympic Trial Qualify. She ran a 2:40 her last marathon (just wasn’t a qualifier). She will do well!!! It was real fun getting to know her and seeing Devra again. Both, extremely amazing runners and wonderful people. We averaged a 6:50 pace (7:04 the 1st 10 1/2 and the 2nd 10 1/2 we sped up to make the 21 miler a 6:50 pace). I did tempo the last mile into race pace (well I think I was race pace… I don’t wear a Garmin). My legs have been that achy tired all day long… But it was a good run. The girls did all their chores, so we took them to our discounted movie theatre to see “How To Train Your Dragon 2”. It was a cute movie… We ran errands and played out in the field behind our house the rest of the afternoon…

IMG_3236-5.JPG We had a babysitter come babysit tonight while Corom and I went to dinner with 3 other couples… The Halls, Booths and Fullmer’s. They helped us so much with moving. We took them to HuHots. Soo good!


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  1. That 21 miler looks incredible. You amaze me! And all of that on top of everything else you do. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  2. debtrisforkona permalink

    You are so fast! I love your zest for life! You’re always doing something fun!

    • Thank you… I feel I have a ways too go with running! My life is so busy but I kind of like it that way. πŸ˜‰ the days that I have down time, I find myself very bored. πŸ™‚

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