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State Meet, Birthday Party… That Phone Call You Dread!

October 24, 2014

Wednesday: Before I headed off to the State meet, I was able to get a 1:17.32 minute run in (a little over 10 miles-10.1/10.2). Rachelle and Amber joined me for 8 of them. 🙂 All my girls got into to head off to school… Yeah… The car wouldn’t start. :/ Our starter went out. My friend Megan picked my girls up and took them to school. I made my way to the HS, caught the bus with the CC kids up to The State CC meet. Oh the nervousness I feel on this race day (and I’m not even racing). We had fun as a team there…

IMG_3401.JPG The JV runners and us coaches were able to eat at the Olive Garden before the varsity runners race began. The girls varsity team were running a little late to the starting line… They were freaking out a little because they had to close off the bridge to the main field for a few minutes while another race was going on. We found a group of boys from another team that were more than willing to get their feet wet for our girls. Good kids! The girls ran well! Something about State that brings out the best in runners. Our top female came in 13th overall and broke our school record by 5 seconds. It was fun to watch!

IMG_3399.JPG The boys were up and ran well also! I saw more determination in their last 2 races (Region and State) than I have all season. I was proud! 🙂 Our top male runner finished 7th overall in State! Amazing!

IMG_3400.JPG I was home by 5 (the girls were with G-goat) and by 5:30 we were up at my oldest’s soccer pizza party.

IMG_3402.JPG Corom had to work late today… I went to bed before he got home… Him and our friend Mike fixed the car when Corom got home. 🙂

Thursday: I met up with Amber and went for a 5.5 mile easy run. We ran it in 42:22 minutes. I felt great and it was really nice not having to run too much! I had a lot of school/PTO stuff to do (last school day of our challenge)… The last mile for the 1/2 marathon-marathon challenge will be at the HS CC witches 5k/1 mile fundraiser this Saturday. I went to each classroom and passed out little Snicker bars to everyone. I left the kids with a message, “Keep throwing on your “Snickers”, for a good walk/run.”

IMG_3403.JPG The kids were excited for a little treat. I then helped in my kindergartener’s classroom. I had the “leaf” and “bear cave” station.

IMG_3405.JPG I ran a few errands for our 5k race coming up and then a couple of friends stopped by to hang out. Stephanie and Camille… It was a nice break to sit and hang out before the schools assembly. 🙂 After school, I had a dentist appointment (oh yeah)…

IMG_3406.JPG (A weird picture… That was the light thing above me.) While I was at the dentist, the girls were at their “horse lessons”. It’s one of the neighbor girls (15 year old) that gives them their lessons. She only charges me $15 for the hour for all 4 girls. A great deal! A very sweet girl. My girls just love her!!!

IMG_3367.JPG After dinner, I went to our local running store and bought a pair of much needed shoes! I have not had a new pair since February! :/ My feet and my knees were beginning to hurt so bad.

IMG_3407.JPG Endurance Athletics is a new running/soccer store that just opened up not even 10 minutes away from my house! I usually go to Runners Corner (about 30-35 min away) but today I didn’t have the time and I guess “points” to get my pair of shoes. :/ We came back home and the girls, Corom and I watched part of “The Sound of Music”. My girls love that movie!


Friday: I met up with Jeff this morning for a run/tempo this morning. Jeff has agreed to come run with me to help “pace” me on my speed days. Better late in the game than never, right. 🙂 We did meet up with all the ladies (Mac, Aubrey, Rachelle & Amber) for about a mile of the run. Jeff and I picked up the pace, ran Harry’s hill into Woodland Hills. Once we reached the top, we began our tempo down. I knew I was only going to get about a 4 1/2 mile tempo in so I had to make these miles count. I only know where the 1st 2 miles start and end, so my 1st mile was a 5:50 and the 2nd was a 5:41… The other 2 1/2 was probably around the same times between those 2 times but who knows. 🙂 It was nice having someone there to help me go. It was a 11-11.1 mile run in 1:19.54. At home we cleaned and made cupcakes and did all the things to get ready for a birthday party. Yep…there was no school today.

IMG_3408.JPG So my 2nd daughter had her birthday over a month ago… We told her we would have a party when we moved into our new house. So here we are today… We invited the entire 1st grade and the kids in her church class/neighbors. I did not want any kids to feel left out or sad that they were not invited. So we ended up having about 40 kids here… I guess you could say it was controlled chaos. 🙂 Corom was a big help!!! We just had the kids play for 1 1/2 hours… And we put no gifts on the invitation… Could you imagine all the presents??? :/ Umm No! 🙂 The girls, Corom and I ran more errands for the 5k tomorrow (shopping at Wal-mart for all the prizes, going to businesses to pick up more prizes, etc… All to raffle off). We then had some if the CC kids (and my friend Amy & one of the moms) come over and help put packets together…

IMG_3409.JPG My oldest helped make dinner tonight (which was actually a huge help)!!!

IMG_3396.JPG Right in the middle of all this… I get a phone call from my mom. She asked me how I was and then goes on to say, “now don’t panic but dad had a minor heart attack”. I just started crying (the CC kids probably thought I was so weird). I could not help it! I went to my room and talked to my mom for awhile. My dad is doing ok but even now sitting down a few hours later… Tears just keep coming down. I can’t help it and I am just so shocked! I can’t explain how I feel. This phone call was the phone call I have always dreaded! It could have been worse and I am so grateful that my mom made my dad go to the hospital. He is the stubborn type and said it is probably nothing (when his right arm and shoulder went numb with a pain in his chest). She took him in and sure enough the doctor told them he had a minor heart attack. Like I said… They caught it early on and so they were able to do surgery (he has a balloon in his heart) and he is doing well! But it still is scary to think about… My dad. :/ The rest of the night went on. I feel bad because I have been a little short with the girls tonight and just in a funky mood. I know I should have been the opposite with the kids but I am realizing that now after they have been asleep for awhile. :/ Girls… When you read this one day… I love you… And you too, Corom. 🙂 I just want to say that my parents are the most kind hearted, service oriented, loving people you will ever meet! Well it is time to go… Until the next blog post.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your father and to hear that he is okay. We are sending prayers your way. I was doing work on the computer and Rock just told me I needed to read your post. He was really sad to read this. We talk a lot lately about how it is hard to see our parents getting older. I am so glad to hear that he is doing well. Take care of yourself!!

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