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Halloween Fun & More

October 27, 2014

Saturday: My day began really early and it wasn’t because I got up for a run… I got up because we (our cross country team… But mainly the other coach and I) are putting on the Witches 5k/1 mile race.

IMG_3495.JPG So we had the whole cone setting up, the food and race day registration stuff that had to be taken care of, packet pick up, etc. Busy morning for sure but it was all worth it. Corom and the girls showed up in there costumes ready for the 5k and the mile…

IMG_3496.JPG My oldest (8 1/2 years old) decided she wanted to run the 5k… So Corom pushed the younger 3 in the stroller and my daughter and I ran her first 5k together. It was so fun! She stopped only once when we had to run up a steep hill. She ended up taking 1st in the age group of 11 and under. She was excited.

IMG_3497.JPG The other 3 ran the mile race right after (I was the rabbit and then turned around to go back to my girls and Corom)…

IMG_3498.JPG We had so many Elementary kids and their families there this morning. We finished off the 1/2 marathon-marathon challenge there (all the kids ran their last mile at that race). The principles from the elementary schools came too… It was great! After the awards, raffles, prizes and clean up… The girls went to the church for their primary program rehearsal and for pizza. Then we all went out for ice cream (well Corom stayed home to work on the backyard stuff) and in the mix of all this… The girls caught a snake…

IMG_3499.JPG Corom went to the Octoberfest at the Clarion Event Center (with the Fullmer’s, Booths & MacArthurs) and I went to the Provo Halloween Half marathon to help as one of the pacers. I paced the 1:40 group.

IMG_3484.JPG It was a great way for me to get my miles in… I can never run too much on the day we put on our 5k. It is just too busy. So pacing was a great opportunity for me! Here is the controversy though… I took 3rd overall as a pacer. The next female runner was about 3 minutes behind. Do I take the 3rd place cash prize because I did run the whole thing and I came in at the 1:40 time? Or do I step down and give it to the next female that came in behind me. :/ I told the other pacers to figure it out for me and I left to come home. I didn’t want to make that decision so now we will see if something comes in the mail. πŸ™‚ The race directors had a glitch in their system so they were unable to present anyone with the awards. The 2 people in charge of the pacing groups thought differently also… 1 said you take the prize and the other said no way. :/ Oh well… It was fun! I came home and the Fullmer’s, Barney’s and Corom and I watched a movie.

Sunday: Today was the primary program. All the kids from 11 years old and down had a little speaking part and sang different songs for all of sacrament meeting. I love it when it is the Primary program. My girls did really well! All the YW came over to my house afterwards to surprise another leader- Julie! She is an amazing friend and role model to everyone.

IMG_3573.JPG She was released from the YW calling so all the girls wanted to tell her thank you… Later we went to the Booths house for dinner and to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

IMG_3574.JPG Good Times!

Monday: I met up with Jeff and Amber and went out for a 16 mile run. (Amber met up half way through the run). For the 1st half we averaged about a 7-7:10 pace. It took about 2 hours. It actually felt good. I worked on PTO stuff for the school. It is Red Ribbon Week. Camille and Stephanie came over to help with some of the stuff and then we just hung out. At CC practice the kids went in a 6 mile easy run…

IMG_3575.JPG We went up to the Provostgarrd’s house for family night and Halloween fun…

IMG_3576.JPG Then met up with the Fullmer’s and Barney’s for a little haunted house fun. πŸ™‚

IMG_3577.JPG It is a haunted house that is put on by different auxiliaries at the HS. They do a good job every year. The girls fell asleep on the way home. It is now 8:20, everyone is sleeping, Corom actually got into bed and I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Now I will call my parents… My dad is doing really well. Good night!!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Emjay permalink

    I think you deserved the prize! We both know you were capable of winning the race. I hope it comes in the mail.

    • Thanks Emjay… I secretly do too. πŸ™‚ But as it now has been a week since the race and no check has arrived… It doesnt look like it will. Oh well… I had fun doing it. πŸ™‚

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