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Running, Dentist, Hanging Out…

October 30, 2014

Tuesday: I woke up around 5:15 a.m. To get my speed workout in. Oh yea! I ran a 2 mile warmup 15 min and then began the Yasso 800’s. I have to run 8 x 800’s.
1st one: 2:36 (but it was .52)-6:54 to finish off the mile (Amber came to do speed also so I ran back to meet up with her-she also had a Garmin on so I was able to see where the 800 really ended. :)).
2nd: 2:34-6:04
3rd: 2:34-6:06
4th: 2:36-6:09
5th: 2:35-6:07
6th: 2:34-6:06
7th: 2:34-6:04
8th: 2:34
Just went straight into my 2 mile cool down… 15:19.51. Amber and I ran a mile together and then headed our separate way. She came this morning to help me to stay motivated in doing my speed workout. I was so grateful to have her there!!! Throughout the day, I stayed busy. It is Red Ribbon Week at the elementary school, so a few other moms and I have been working on a few things there. I really enjoy being part of the PTO and being at the school with the girls. A few kids came over after school today. I was sitting outside with the kids when a few CC boys ran by with treats/drinks in their hands…

IMG_3612.JPG On Tuesday and Fridays the CC kids meet up without the coaches to tell them what to do… They are supposed to do a workout. Well these 3 were obviously not thinking when they ran past my house with treats in their hands. I thought it was hilarious… But they thought they were going to be busted… I did stop them and said, “if you’re going to ditch out on a practice the smart thing to do is not run past the coaches house.” :/ Yeah… They felt pretty dumb. It still makes me laugh. 🙂 Not too much going on tonight… Corom went to his church meeting and the girls and I hung out.

Wednesday: I met up with Holly and Mac for a early (5 a.m.) morning run. We went out for 1:15.22 and ran 9.8 miles. It felt good (we ran Harry’s hill loop). I hurried home and began the process of crazy hair day with the girls for school. That was a chore… A lot of crying, laughing, and chaos, but that’s how girls are I guess. 🙂

IMG_3613.JPG More PTO/Red Ribbon Week stuff and then the 2 older girls went to piano lessons, the 2 younger girls went to a friends house and I went to CC practice.

IMG_3614.JPG After practice/lessons/playing… It was off to the dentist for the girls to get their teeth cleaned. They loved it… Their own personal T.V. and headphones…

IMG_3615-4.JPG It was bad because a couple of my girls have to go back to the dentist for a couple of cavities… They are excited to come back. Great!!! It was dinner time so I took the girls to Subway… They were hungry and I didn’t have anything planned… Perfect… :/

IMG_3608-1.JPG… Well that’s how it was the entire time! We went home real quick… It was an early night for everyone (well Corom had to work late tonight).

Thursday: I was supposed to put a 12 miler in today… I kind of slept in so I only had time for 1:16.32. Later today I drove the route I ran and saw that I ran 11.3 miles. I will take it! I did run by myself… I was a little spooked this morning so that did motivate me to run a little faster… It was so dark and I saw very few people this morning. :/ But I felt good. Corom had the day off today… He came with me to the school to get the PTO stuff done and then at home We got a lot of cleaning and outside stuff done! I like days like today. I did watch a few kids today but it went by very smooth! I only went to the beginning of CC practice.

IMG_3616-1.JPG We (the girls and I and a few friends) came back to the house. They played with their friends for a little while and then did homework, etc. We were booed tonight. 🙂 No we didn’t catch the people that did it.


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