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Halloween!!! A New PR In The 1/2 Marathon (but it was a fast course)…

November 1, 2014

Friday: I ran a whopping 5.1-2 miles today in 40:00.64. It was nice not having to put a lot of miles in today. Amber and I ran it together (we are both racing Snow Canyon 1/2 marathon tomorrow). Now for the rest of the day… All Halloween-I’m kind of a Freak with Halloween!!! It began with getting the girls ready… We went to their school and stayed there all day. The kindergartener’s had their costume parade and then my youngest and I worked in my 3rd child’s (kindergarten) classroom for their Halloween party.

IMG_3726.JPG I had a little bit of a break before I headed over to my 2nd child’s (1st grade) classroom to help with their Halloween party…

IMG_3727.JPG Then I went to my oldest’s (3rd grade) classroom to help with their party. For all 3 we made the ghost suckers using blow pops. We then played Halloween bingo. After the parties, the school had the kids walk around the block in their costumes (a parade) for all the parents to come down and see.

IMG_3728.JPG Right after school, I took the girls to the City’s Trunk-or-Treat… All the businesses got together for this. 🙂 Right after we quickly went home for our taco soup dinner…

IMG_3729.JPG Soon after we headed for our ward’s (church building) trunk or treat…

IMG_3730.JPG As that one ended… We headed off to the neighboring towns Trunk-or-Treat (where we used to live) but on our way up there we passed another ward’s (another LDS church building) Trunk-or-treat and of course pulled over to hit them up…

IMG_3731.JPG We finally made our way up to our old neighborhood and spent another 30 minutes there.

IMG_3732.JPG It doesn’t stop here. :/ We took the girls to a neighborhood for the “old school” way of trick-or-treating and not the trunk-or-treat… They went door to door and loved it! We came home and had trick or treaters come to our door.

IMG_3733.JPG Oh… The last house they went to (Corom walked them up because I was handing candy out at our house)… The people have my girls a baby kitten as their treat… My trick, their treat! Who gives someone a baby kitten? :/ I told the girls the kitten has to live outside!!! I’m allergic to cats and I do not like animals inside.

IMG_3734.JPG She is cute, though… I am probably raising monsters for Halloween but I cannot help it. I love getting candy on Halloween! 🙂 At around 8-8:15 p.m., the Barney’s came and picked me up and we headed off for St. George. Megan and I are running a 1/2 marathon in the morning (Snow Canyon). Her husband is coming for moral support and Corom decided to stay with the girls because having to pay a babysitter is too expensive!

Saturday: We woke up early (5 a.m.) to head on over to a HS to load up on buses. The buses took us up the canyon to the starting line. It was so freakin’ windy. We had a head wind the entire way! The 1st 7 miles was downhill but with the wind it sometimes felt like it was a flat course. I liked it because The steep downhill didn’t seem so downhill. It was still a fast 1st half!! At mile 6, I came across at 34:43… Way to fast… I knew I would be struggling towards the end. But you can also see how downhill the course was for that time. From 7-9 the downhill ended and it became a flat to rolling hills downhill… From 10-13.1 it became a rolling hills down. This all makes sense to me so sorry if it is confusing! I wish it wasn’t so windy for my time sake but I’m glad it was because it made me work harder… Especially the last 3 miles! Their were gusts so strong at times that I just had to drop my shoulders and my head (close my eyes) and push through it… It didn’t help that I was fatigued, too. I was able to finish with a 1:17.50 and placed 1st overall in women. That was a PR for me so I was happy about that. All my friends ran well and Megan want to break 2 hours… She ran a 1:53! Amazing!!!

IMG_3735-1.JPG This was a great race for CIM… I just hope I can hold on for another 13.1 miles. :/ We shall see! The Barney’s, and Megan’s sister & husband and I went out for lunch, then we headed home. It was a fun trip. At home, the girls, Corom and I hung out and as soon as the girls went to bed… Corom began making cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. The YM/YM are coming over tomorrow evening. Corom is so good at baking… That is not a talent of mine!!!

IMG_3737-0.JPG It’s going to be a late night.

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  1. Hey girl! I still read your awesome blog sporadically when I get a chance. Please fill me in.., are you doing CIM? I would love to come say hi…. Since you’re sort of my hero 🙂 This is Corom’s friend, Ashley from Sacramento btw lol!

    • I am doing CIM and I would love it if you came and said hi. I will send a message when we figure out the plan… You are too nice by the way. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh. So many good things here. First, congrats on the PR. Downhill or not that is awesome! I love how much trick or treating you did. If I had anyone return with a kitten I would not be happy. This girl is a dog person. No cats for me thank you. Taco soup sounds soooo good. I’m trying to collect some good soup recipes for this winter. And Corom bakes?! Love it. Rock is great in the kitchen and loves to wear an apron. I think it mystifies my dad who can barely make Mac and cheese!

    • Corom is the baker here! I am so bad at it! Yeah… The whole cat thing… :/ I’m with you. I’m not a cat person but now we have one and it lives in the garage. I’m not thrilled. We are going to make it into a mouser cat because we have a field behind us… Yes I’m a freak about my trick-or-treating! I usually have that day planned out well in advanced. My poor kids… 🙂

  3. debtrisforkona permalink

    What a speedy time well done!!!

  4. Yes, please message me the details. Do you need a place to crash or rides anywhere or anything at all??? I would so love to help in any way I can. I’m so excited you’re coming. Count on me coming to watch your awesomeness!! I’ve got so much respect for you, lady:) Not only for your running talent, but also you’re an amazing wife & Mom!

    • I am staying at a hotel right near the finish line and corom is going to stay with jarom i believe. We for sure need to meet up! That would be so much fun. Thanks ashley…corom and his family talk so highly of you. We shall see what happens on that day. :/ im excited for it but also dreading it… I know i need to think positive but there are so many emotions going through my head!

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