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Lots Of Running, Lots of People & Activities, Corom Getting Caught… ;)

November 4, 2014

Sunday: Church was really good today! The girls were good, the testimonies were excellent & the classes were good. We had some of my running friends and their families over for dinner (Amber, Rachelle, Scott, Melissa & Megan). Soon after many of the YW/YM from the ward (church) came over for a little talk (fireside) and ate the cinnamon rolls Corom made.

IMG_3803.JPG My 3rd child had a loose tooth… Her sisters (and me) helped get it out. :/


Monday: I met up with Mac and Holly. We ran 8 miles together and then I ran about another 4 1/2 (maybe a little more) on my own. My legs are sore and tired from Saturday. I went at an easy pace…1:40.99. I hope I can do my speed tomorrow! I had my PTO meeting this morning at the school…

IMG_3805.JPG… Took care of a few things and then went to CC practice. The girls loved it because we ran at a park. The HS kids ran a nice set of hill repeats…

IMG_3806.JPG I hurried home because we invited a family over to celebrate “Halloween”. I found out that my neighbor (the sweetest family) and their 4 kids were unable to go trick or treating. They were all ready to go but the mom had a emergency medical issue come up and had to go to the hospital. The kids told their mom not to worry about Halloween and they would be fine at home. 😦 So we had little activities at our house while the rest of the neighbors were meeting up outside to do a “trunk-or-treat” for them. It was all a surprise. As I walked outside when I knew everyone was set up, I was so shocked to see 50-60+ people all standing down the street with bowls of candy in their hands. They were all smiling waiting for this family to come collect their candy. It was an amazing site! This family is so loved that everyone wanted to show them that.

IMG_3807.JPG The picture does not do justice. We have so many wonderful people around us, that it brought tears to my eyes. The mom was so surprised and could not believe that they all came for her! After we came inside and had ice cream sundaes with a couple of other families that stayed after handing out candy. It was a good night!

Tuesday: Oh Yeah… Speed workout!!! :/ So I did not sleep well last night and getting up at 4:45 a.m. Just to make sure I can get my full workout in and be home by 6:45 was already tiring on its own. I really went into this thinking instead if doing the 9×800’s at a 2:40 or less… I would do 4 or 5 and call it good. Anyway Mac and Amber showed up to do a warmup with me… Mac gave me a Gu (and I have never taken a Gu during a workout)… Mac and Amber ran the 1st with me and then took off to do a run. 1st 800: 2:40, then ran back up to the start line to finish off with a 6:19 mile. 2nd: 2:40-6:09 mile
3rd: 2:39-6:01 mile
4th: 2:39-6:02 mile
5th: 2:36-6:07 mile
Yes I decided to finish out the last 4… That Gu did wonders… I need to start bringing XOJO with me on my workouts!!!
6th: 2:36-6:06
7th: 2:37-6:01
8th: 2:36-6:01
9th: 2:33-5:53
I finished off with a 15 minute cool down… Totaling my miles to about 12 1/2-13 miles. I was so happy to have finished this workout!!! It was a tough one but I was so grateful to have these 2 show up because it made me get out of bed knowing they were waiting for me! I babysat all morning and into early afternoon. I did have some school PTO stuff to take care of so the newborn came with me. He was hard today (just cried a lot) but what do you do. 🙂 Corom and Travis Barney earlier this morning went to a friend of ours work. It’s his birthday today… He works at the city office. We arranged it with someone to let them in and make a “mess” of his office…

IMG_3795.JPG… Well later today there was a notice on my door about 2 wanted men here in our city… I was reading through it when I noticed it was a picture of Travis and Corom, on the cities surveillance camera… It made me laugh (because I realized it was a joke). I told Corom next time he was going to do something like that, that he didn’t want to get caught to wear a mask or something. 🙂

IMG_3809.JPG Well the rest of the day was a typical day… Kids running around, neighbor kids running around, homework, dinner, bed time routines (Corom at his meetings at church), etc. I am so tired right now! Time for bed.

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  1. That wanted poster is awesome!! I LOVE that so many people came together to make a special Halloween for that family. What an incredible community! That story made my day 🙂

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