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Birthday Fun… Flying To Greece/Spain

November 7, 2014

Wednesday: Today is my 3rd child’s 6th birthday!!! 🙂 I made sure I got up and out the door by 5 a.m. for my run. I was only supposed to do 6 miles and a recovery but I ended up running 7.3 miles in 58:35… And we ran up Harry’s hill into WH. I was home by 6:15, ready to start the day with a birthday (and lots of babysitting). The birthday girl picked out the breakfast she wanted…

IMG_3868.JPG I ended up babysitting all day long for 3 different friends of mine… But my kids loved it because it was a constant play day. G-goat (the girls grandma) took my 3rd daughter out for lunch and then to the $1 store… She was in heaven. 🙂

IMG_3869.JPG We had dinner, had cupcakes and opened a couple of presents…

IMG_3870.JPG Then the girls and I went to the movies… Corom had to go back to work.

IMG_3871.JPG She had a fun birthday!

Thursday: I ran 4 miles before I met up with Amber and Rachelle… We then headed up the canyon. I pushed it going up the canyon at a solid pace… Coming down I ran a mini tempo. The last 2 miles were a 6:03 pace. I ended up running 16.2 miles in 1:50.47. I wanted to get 17 in but that is one of the negatives of not running with a Garmin.

IMG_3877.JPG It was beautiful though… Started off in the dark and with the time change ended my run in the light. I helped in my kindergartener’s class…

IMG_3878.JPG… Stuck around the school for PTO stuff and then a friend of mine (Stephanie) and I went to the park for a little while…

IMG_3880.JPG Back at home… It was lots of cleaning, organizing and packing! Fun times!!! :/ Early tomorrow morning Corom heads off to Las Vegas for Ragnar (which I was supposed to do but completely forgot that I was leaving for Greece and Spain the same day). So lots to do today! We went to CC practice for a little while. The girls brought their kitten to play with but the rest of the team played with it more than the girls did :)…

I did go up to a friend’s house for a little while (with Megan and Becca) but the kids were asleep and Corom was packing his stuff. Busy day… I’m way excited about tomorrow but also WAY nervous!!!

Friday: Our alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. Corom left for Vegas shortly after 5 and I ran on the treadmill for 51:01…

IMG_3867.JPG It’s a love hate relationship with the treadmill and I… I hate running on them but I love it because I would not be able to get a run in otherwise. I ended it short because at 5:30 a.m. all 4 of my girls came walking downstairs. :/ Early morning!!! It was good though because I was able to get the girls ready for school, breakfast made, lunches made, etc. all before I had to leave for the airport (I left at 7 a.m.). Now it is my little sister and I at the airport…

IMG_3876.JPG We are now boarding from Salt Lake City…

IMG_3884.JPG We will be flying into Minneapolis to meet up with my older sister and my mom… I will post this just in case something happens… 😉 I hate flying!!!!

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  1. Have a great time! By the way, that is my kind of birthday breakfast. Rock is disgusted by some of my favorite cereals. Lucky for him I can’t have gluten right now so we are stuck with healthy cereals 🙂

    • I love sugar cereals! We don’t buy it much either even though I am so tempted! And thanks… We are having so much fun!

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