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A Ferry To Africa!

November 16, 2014

This trip to Africa (Tanger-city) was a last minute decision (last night over dinner) and we were so happy to have agreed to go!!! It was not in our budget but we figured, it would be a long long time or maybe never again that we would be out here again. So for 67 euro round trip, we took a ferry to Africa…

IMG_5266-0.JPG It was absolutely amazing!!! Probably one of my favorite places to visit here on our trip (entertainment wise). We didn’t have too much time but we were able to fit in camel riding. I never thought I would be doing this! … 😉

IMG_5268.JPG We were shocked to see my mom get on one! We drove/walked around the city, which was absolutely beautiful…


IMG_5272.JPG The people here were so nice and it was very interesting learning about their culture (their religion, the different types of clothing & it’s meaning, & their way of life). Very friendly!


IMG_5270.JPG We walked past the school there… Things are the same wherever you go to. 😉

IMG_5269.JPG The food was amazing and so cheap!!! Our guide was excellent… I just wish we had more time here. I did lose 35 euros here (about $50 American money)! 😦 But what do you do… Borrow money from everyone else to pay the tour guide. 🙂

IMG_5273.JPG On the Ferry back to Spain… I had a blast. My mom, sisters and I played games, laughed, talk about everything…

IMG_5281.JPG… Very eventful! 😉 They did wake up towards the end of the ride… I guess in the car ride home I fell asleep and my sisters took a good picture of me. Payback! Well we made it back to Keri’s house… It is now packing time. Bitter sweet!!! I miss Corom and the girls so much but this has been so much fun visiting 4 countries-2 continents! We packed while Steve made dinner… There is so much stuff that we needed to pack… We then played games & had s’mores. Fun times!!!

IMG_5300.JPG Keri received a text from our tour guide… He retraced the places we went to until he found my money! Sooo nice. So nice of the guy that picked it up to be honest about it. There is no way for me to get it back so I told my sister to put it towards her next trip when she uses this guy again. That was a nice surprise!

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