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We Hung Out In The Airport An Extra Day…

November 18, 2014

Our alarm went off at 3:20 a.m. Ugh! It was time to go to the airport!!! By 4 we were on the road to our 2 1/2 hour train ride that will drop us off 13 kilometers from the airport.

IMG_5330.JPG We are so grateful for Keri and Steve for taking us around everywhere! Keri once again brought us to the train station (it was an hour and a half drive to the station :/). The train went by fast… We all slept off and on throughout the ride. We had to run to catch a taxi (we were short on time). The airport was huge! There were 4 terminals… The problem was the language barrier between us 4 and the taxi driver. He understood US and international. He took us to terminal 4…

IMG_5331.JPG We found out at terminal 4 (from the information desk) that we were at the wrong terminal. We had to hop on a bus and hurry to terminal 2. We get there, run in, and soon find out that we were still in the wrong terminal… It was in terminal 1. The people at the Delta desk in terminal 2 said they would call the Delta desk in terminal 1 and let them know we were on our way… We had to run again. It took us 10 minutes to run from 2 to 1. We got there with an hour to spare. Well through much talking (and arguments between 2 of the employees)… They took our luggage off the tram, pulled the tags and said we didn’t have time to make our flight. By then we had 45-50 minutes… We totally could have made it! The male employee was not very nice… The female employee was arguing in our favor but it didn’t change his decision. :/ We Missed Our Flight!

IMG_5332.JPG Oh my gosh!!! We were all at a loss!!! Because we went through a travel agent, they were the only ones that could help change our flights. The only problem… It was 11 a.m. Spain time and 2 a.m. Utah time. It took us awhile to get a hold if our travel agent… We were getting nervous because they said the next flight isn’t until tomorrow at 11. But like I said, they couldn’t get in to change it without the travel agency. :/ Through all of this… I’ve been starting to freak out about my lack of run this vacation. Yes I have been getting out every day but not to what I’m supposed to be doing!!! My race is only 3 1/2 weeks away and I didn’t train this hard to waste it. I already figured I wasn’t going to be able to run today with the traveling home but now to bump another day… Yes I’m beginning to mentally lose it. :/ So I decided to go through my luggage, pull my running clothes out and go for a run (even though it was short, it felt good). I ran around the rental car area for 52:06.51 minutes. Sometimes I was able to run at a solid pace and others not so fast due to crazy drivers in the parking lot.

IMG_5333.JPG When I got back from my run, I found out that our travel agent argued on behalf of us… She argued with 3 different supervisors and finally got us on a flight at 5 p.m. to New York. We still won’t get home until Tuesday afternoon but at least we are on our way. :/ I hated calling Corom to break the news. Now he has to find someone again for the girls… It has been a long vacation for him. He’s a good husband… And my poor girls!! But what do you do? We finally got on our flight and are headed home. We left at 5 p.m… It is a 8 1/2 hour flight to the States but the beautiful thing is… We arrive in at 8:30 p.m. the same night. 🙂

IMG_5334.JPG To bad we have to spend the night at the New York airport. We all found our spot- on the airplane we all had a chair next to us empty so that was nice. At the airport in NY, we were not aloud into the main airport. We had all of our luggage and we were not able to check it in until 4 a.m. :/ I slept next to the windows right on top of the heating vent… A very restless sleep. My sisters joined me along the windows and my mom found a wheelchair to sit in for a while. My poor mom… We worried about her! She is a trooper and a strong woman! Nothing seems to faze my mom.

IMG_5345-0.JPG It is now 5:50 a.m. NY time (3:50 Utah time). Our last flight leaves at 7… We are almost home!! I can’t wait to see the girls and Corom…

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  1. So glad you made it back. What a fiasco!!

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