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Running, Christmas Tree, Hanging Out

November 30, 2014

Friday: I ran 5.4 miles in 40:02 minutes. It was a nice recovery run! It’s runs like these though that make me a little nervous for my training. I know it is good for the body to have a day with low mileage (especially when tapering) but it really messes you up. When I was done, I felt like I needed to run more and that it wasn’t enough. I am hoping that this book that I got my tapering plan from is legit! 🙂 Right after I finished my run, I met up with the CC kids and sent them off on a Fartlek run.

IMG_5647.JPG There were about 8 that showed up but with it being Black Friday/Thanksgiving break… I didn’t expect much. 🙂 Anyway… The rest of the day was spent with family (on my husbands side). We did start the whole Christmas decorating thing at my house… But we don’t have a lot of decorations so it didn’t last too long. The kids played (and Corom) 😉 , the the adults hung out.

IMG_5696.JPG Later that evening… The older cousins watched the younger ones while we went to see the Hunger Games movie… Thanks Yolanda for the fun adventure of traveling to different movie theaters! Good times!

Saturday: I slept in until 6:40 and then met up with a few friends (Mac, Josie and Rachelle) for a 12.1 mile run. I ran a lot of it on my own but I would run out for awhile at my pace, then turn around and meet back up with them. The run went by fast. I finished with a time of 1:28.07. My last mile was at a 6:04 pace… Just to finish off strong. I felt good but I’m getting so nervous about next week. It will actually come and go… Sometimes I will think no big deal and then other times I think what in the crap was I thinking? A 2:42 marathon… :/ We shall see!!! One week!!! We took the girls to see “Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. It was a cute movie (and it was even better because it was at the discounted movie theatre). We then went to cut down our Christmas Tree…

IMG_5707-0.JPG It was supposed to be a fun time but the girls were horrible!!! They fought and cried the entire drive there (a little over an hour). We should have turned around but we didn’t. :/ We did find a spot to park the car on the side of the road and then we had to hike up a little hill. Once we were out the girls were fine (a little whiny at times trying to get up the hill but we ignored them). We found a tree pretty quick and Corom cut it down…

IMG_5708-1.JPG We let the girls play for a little longer to get their energy out and then we headed home…

IMG_5709-0.JPG We got home right at dinner time… I ate and then the girls were all in bed by 6:30. The 2 younger ones fell asleep by 6:45 and the 2 older ones by 7:15. They were tired!!! Days like today make me tired! The girls drained Corom and I emotionally and physically!

Sunday: We went to church today. It was good! In the morning I told all the girls to get their shoes on and get in the car…

IMG_5697.JPG My youngest put on snow boots… I noticed it when we got to church. It works for me! We had meetings after church and then a few families came over for dinner. It was nice visiting!

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  1. I LOVE Christmas decorating! When we got home from Rock’s parents’ on Thursday night I pulled out the supplies and started decorating. I just love getting into the holiday spirit. I think we are going to have a big holiday party here in two weeks to coincide with my confirmation into the Catholic Church. So it will be fun to have the place lit up and festive! Happy decorating to your family in the new house 🙂

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