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Turkey 5k & Thanksgiving Day…

November 27, 2014

I love the Thanksgiving runs! I started off my morning with a 5k race. I ran a 13 min warmup before the race started.

IMG_5639.JPG It was a beautiful but cold morning… The 5k started and right from the beginning, I knew I would be following another female competitor… She was out quick and stayed in the lead the entire way. I forgot how tough 5k’s are!!! My 1st mile was a 5:40. :/ My 2nd mile I hit it at 11:26… A 5:46. My 3rd mile was 17:18… 5:52 and finishing the last .1 with a time of 17:52 (a 5:46 pace). That is a new PR for me (I’ve never broken 18 in a 5k… My best before was a 18:12). So I was happy with it… The girl in front was strong!!! She finished with a 17:38 I believe… I did win a turkey…

IMG_5640.JPG I finished with a 3.2 mile cool down in 24:52 (a 7:44 pace). I felt great for the race but before and after I felt un-smooth. I know that doesn’t make sense but it does to me. 🙂 I ran a total of 8 miles today. At home it was goofing off and getting Christmas lights organized…

IMG_5643.JPG We were killing time before the feast! We were in charge of the potatoes and jello. Once that was done, we headed up to Yolanda’s house (Corom’s sister). Well our car was dead so we had to jump that 1st… :/

IMG_5631.JPG We had a great time hanging out with the family. The food was delicious and there were too many pies to choose from!

IMG_5644.JPG We went home later and the girls, Corom and I watched a movie. It was a good day! So many things to be grateful for!!!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And a huge congrats on your new PR and turkey! Haha that’s kind of funny to say. I personally despise 5K’s. I’m not nearly as speedy as you but I go crazy and make myself sick trying to run as fast as you can. Honestly I think I love halves and fulls and might be ready some day to even try an ultra. After I BQ again 😉

    • I agree with the 5ks! It’s amazing how different the 5k race feels after you have trained for the longer distances! Are you going to Boston this next time around??? Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • I’m taking a break from long distances right now. We so want to start a family and have had some struggles (another loss last week). So for now I am running about 30-40 miles per week at an easyish pace and just taking a racing break. I figure there will be plenty of time in the future for me to get back at that 🙂

      • I am so sorry sarah! That is ao hard and frustrating! We will keep you in our prayers!!! Running will always be there.

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