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School Fun… Birthday Fun!

November 26, 2014

Oh I do love the marathon tapering… I slept in until 6:20 and then got up to run 4.36 miles in 32:22. It was very nice… My legs felt a little sore and heavy but I know that that is normal during tapering week. For the rest of our day (in a quick post)… I was at the school most of the day… Kindergarten feast…

IMG_5549.JPG In the morning our kindergartener was so excited to have a feast with the pilgrims (she is an Indian). Well Corom at breakfast went on to tell her the “real” story of the pilgrims and Indians… Something along the lines of the pilgrims took the Indians land and eventually killed them all. Umm probably not the best story to tell right before the feast… Yes I kept telling him to stop but if you know Corom, he didn’t. At the feast today all 65 kids were sitting down while the kindergarten teachers were explaining the history (there were also about 10 moms there helping and me). Well… My daughter shoots her hand up and proceeds to say, “my dad said the pilgrims took the Indians land and killed them all.” :/ Her teacher tried to hold back her smile and went on to tell them the rest of the story. I was a little embarrassed! Anyway… I helped with the Thank-o-grams and then the assembly at the school (turkey call & strut)…

IMG_5598-3.JPG The girls had a fun day of Thanksgiving stuff and playing with friends.

IMG_5613-1.JPG I noticed the sunset was beautiful today!!!


Wednesday: Today is Corom’s 36th birthday!!! I went for a easy 6.69 mile run in 51:01. As I walked out this morning, this was sitting out on our walkway…

IMG_5593.JPG It was a giant t.v. With happy birthday written across it. Great!!! At home Corom left for work and the girls and I did a lot of cleaning! We brought Corom lunch and balloons to his work (well we were not aloud in so we just dropped it off)…

IMG_5594.JPG The girls were really excited to bring him balloons! They helped wrap his presents and then waited for him to come home…

IMG_5614.JPG We had his sister, Yolanda (and family) and his brother, Jashon (and his family) over for dinner, cake and presents. 🙂 More like chaos but fun for everyone!


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  1. I am cracking up about your history lesson. And so sweet that she went to school and tried to help inform everyone. Happy birthday to your history teacher!

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud! I will let the history teacher know you wished him a happy birthday! Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!

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