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Running (Tapering) & Date Night…

November 24, 2014

Sunday: We went to church today; We had a few families/friends over for dinner; We worked on PTO Thank-o-Grams for the school; We put puzzles together; We had church meetings today & one being at our house… And to top it off… Our good friends (the Barney’s) brought over dessert during the meeting at our house just because… It was great!

IMG_5524.JPG During Sacrament meeting today my oldest whispered to me, “Mom, you’re a mom now but you are going to be an old lady soon.” :/

Monday: I woke up a little later than what I wanted to but I was still able to get my planned workout in… And it was a beautiful, peaceful morning.

IMG_5495.JPG I am tapering this week and next for my marathon race (in 2 short weeks :/). I ran 7.74 in 54:48 (a 7:04 pace). 7 miles with 8 x 100 strides to finish it off. I was sore for the 1st 3-4 miles but the last few I felt great. I helped at the school today, the kids played with neighbor kids and we did some cleaning. I was able to take some time to take my 3rd child out to lunch today. We had a great time!

IMG_5528.JPG My girls hung out at the Barney’s house while I went to CC practice… I was so grateful she offered to take them… It was freezing out! The CC kids had a interval hill workout…1 min, 90 seconds, 2 min… It was a tough workout.

IMG_5529.JPG When Corom got off work he came home and picked up our 2nd child and took her out on a daddy-daughter date.

IMG_5533.JPG They went to the $1 store. They, too, had a blast. We ate dinner, then my oldest and I went out (of course to the $1 store)…

IMG_5534.JPG It is amazing how much our girls “open ” up when they have that one on one time. My oldest usually doesn’t share her feelings with us but tonight was so different. My husband said the same thing about his date. We realized that our girls need their own attention. We decided that once a week… I will take out one and he will take out one. We did the 2 older ones this week and next will be the 2 younger ones. It really was fun. We had Family Home Evening and played Uno (with hot chocolate and popcorn)…

IMG_5535.JPG After the game was done it became instant chaos and noise… Maybe from the sugar-hot chocolate… It was funny for the 1st 20-30 minutes of running around, wrestling, etc. but after that… It got a little annoying. They had so much energy. 🙂 It is now 8:30… And everyone is asleep… Even Corom. :/ Boring for me!

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  1. debtrisforkona permalink

    I love the idea of a one to one night a week! You sound like awesome parents!

    • Well we are far from awesome!!! We realized that our girls are needing some alone time… I just wish we started earlier! Thank you!

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