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A Long Speed Run To A Piano Recital…

November 22, 2014

I met up with Rachelle and Mac for the 1st 3 miles of my 17 mile run. The 1st 3 were a nice comfortable warmup pace… Then I began a 4 mile tempo. The 1st mile was an uphill climb (gradual at 1st and then the last quarter was steep- steeper than what I would have liked in a tempo). A storm was coming in so I wanted to start my tempo while I had a tailwind because I knew my last set of the tempo would be in a head wind. :/ Anyway my 1st mile in the tempo was:
1st mile: 6:10
2nd mile: 5:54
3rd mile: 5:51
4th mile: 5:48
Recovery mile: 7:10
Next set was a 3 mile tempo. A mile and a half I still had the wind pushing me and then after that I was looping back to where I started (against the wind with rolling hills :/).
1st mile: 5:52
2nd mile: 6:08
3rd mile: 6:10
Recovery mile: 7:22
I was supposed to run a 2 mile tempo next but my legs were shot. My recovery mile was running against the wind and I was so tired. So I told myself if I could push hard for 1 mile and break 6 then I would be done with the workout and the rest would be mileage to put in.
1st mile: 5:51
The last 4 miles were a recovery run and just to finish off 17 to get my long run in. (7:03, 6:46, 6:51, 6:30). The last couple of miles I started to feel dizzy. :/ I did take a Gu at the recovery mile after my 1st 4 tempo miles but I didn’t have any drinks set up (but let’s be real…do I ever). Good thing Rachelle was there at the end with Gatorade for me. She also gave me a great pep-talk about my race coming up and helped boost my confidence up. With the race so close, there are times that I doubt myself… I know (and I coach it every day) that mental is 80% of the race!!! Thanks Rachelle! It helped a lot. So I ran 17 miles in 1:53.17… A 6:39 pace. It was an absolutely beautiful morning out!

IMG_5449.JPG Shortly after getting home and getting everyone ready… The girls and I headed to my nephew’s wrestling match. My brother-in-law is the coach and my sister had to work, so I went to the match to help watch their 3 other kids. It was fun to watch and a lot of kids to watch. 🙂 My nephew is good!!!

IMG_5451-2.JPG Corom was playing flag football at the school near us with a bunch of neighbors…

IMG_5430.JPG The girls had their piano recital today. They did well! It was fun to see them play but I noticed that they need to practice (at least twice a week instead of once a week)!!! 😉


IMG_5468.JPG The girls went to bed when we got home and Corom and I watched Step Up All In – Step Up 4… Corom’s choice. 😉 Ok… It was mine.

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  1. You are running so well. It is so easy to doubt yourself as the end of training comes near but you are looking great!

    • Thanks Sarah! I guess we shall see what happens next week! Then I will have a nice mental break. 🙂

  2. debtrisforkona permalink

    Those splits are amazing! You are going to kick butt at the next marathon!!

    • Thank you! I just have a week and a half left… We shall see how the marathon goes. :/ I really appreciate your comments! It helps me to stay positive! 🙂

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