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Un-Eventful Days. :)

November 22, 2014

Thursday: My morning run began at 5:30. I ran 15 minutes before I met up with Amber. We headed out on the Dairy Loop (a 7 mile loop) and then I ran a little further (I’m thinking I ran about 10 miles total). My time was 1:13.12. It felt great compared to yesterday’s workout. My legs were still a little tight/heavy but better. We did have 2 other friends join us our entire run…

IMG_5423.JPG Hopefully they found their way home! All the girls went to school and Corom and I had to run to Wal-mart to get a few things…

IMG_5401.JPG I went to my kindergartener’s classroom to help with rotations…

IMG_5424-0.JPG… The rest of the afternoon was normal… Kids, cleaning, playing, then CC practice (warmup with 5 x 800’s a little faster than 5k race pace with a 50 meter recovery, then a 150 meter full out sprint-after every 800 then a 2 mile cool down).

IMG_5425.JPG My girls joined them by running laps. 🙂 The rest of the evening was un eventful… Homework, dinner, Corom visited families in our ward, & bedtime.

Friday: I downloaded mapmyrun before I went out for my morning run… Finally! I ran 10.47 miles in 1:14.44…About a 7:08 minute pace. I was tired. I helped at the elementary school for a while…

IMG_5448.JPG… The kids were their normal hyper selves all day and played with friends…

IMG_5447.JPG Corom and I went to the movies with a few friends of ours (the Fullmer’s and Barney’s). We saw the Maze Runner… It was pretty good. I was ready for bed by the time we got home… I have had a head cold since I’ve been back from my trip. It has been wiping me out at night.

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