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Footlocker & CIM Expo

December 6, 2014

The cross country team and I headed for the Footlocker 5k race at 7 a.m. There were 12 different race categories and each race started 15 minutes apart. Hundreds of runners per race. A fun meet to be at. They do have a open race for anyone not in high school… I have always ran that race but not this year. I was a little sad about that but the other coach (coach Thompson) ran it. 🙂 The kids love seeing the coaches race.

IMG_5948.JPG Our high school kids ran well. This is a tough course with major hills. We had a senior in the seeded race… He ran very well!

IMG_5965.JPG Now that their race is over… They are going to Disneyland the rest of the day. Corom and I packed up our stuff and began our 6 hour drive to Sacramento. :/ It was a nice drive other than the fact I had to stop and use the restroom every hour and a half. I am trying to drink a lot more water than what I usually do but I seriously have to go to the bathroom all the time! (I really only drink a glass of water a day if even that… I am horrible!!!) We finally made it to the expo… CIM here we are. We met up with Emily Jameson, Amber Green and Walter Brown. All phenomenal runners!

IMG_5975.JPG We walked around the expo, went to the “meeting” for runners that are trying to run at a faster pace :), walked around town, & ate dinner.

IMG_5983.JPG We eventually made it back to our hotel at the late hour of 7:30. 😉 Of course we stayed up and talked for awhile. These 2 women are so amazing!!!! Very uplifting and encouraging… I want the best for these 2 and so hope they qualify and reach their goals!!! And as I was writing this… Amber have Emily a little gift. 🙂


IMG_5985.JPG Well… Here we go… We shall see how tomorrow goes… Thanks everyone for your support. Be thinking 2:42!!!

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  1. Toby permalink

    Good luck Jen! You totally got this!

  2. Good luck Jen! I am so excited for you.

    • I’m soo bummed!!! 5 minutes short of qualifying! I was on pace for 21 miles and just hit a wall. 😦 Oh well!

      • I am soooo sorry! I checked the results this afternoon at lunch and both Rock and I were super bummed for you. I am sure you are disappointed but that is still a fantastic time and I’m thinking it was an improvement from Grandma’s? Congrats on pushing past that wall…..we are proud of you. Take a nice rest and know that you have that 5 minutes in you.

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