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Did I Olympic Trial Qualify?? CIM Marathon…

December 7, 2014

Today is race day… Our wake up call came at 4 a.m. I was able to wake up real quick! So were the other 2. We all had the nervous, jittery thing going on. We caught the elite bus at 5 to head on up to the starting line.

IMG_6038-0.JPG It was a good morning, nice cool weather, 100% humidity (which was a bit much but ok) and I felt good. The starting line was amazing… The atmosphere of many of us trying to qualify.

IMG_6039.JPG The race started right at 7… We had a pacer with us the entire way… Chris Mocko and Kim Conley (ran 20 miles) the Olympian. They were 2 of the best pacers I have ever ran with! So great and motivating!!! The first few miles we all felt great and there were about 30 women in the pack.

IMG_6040.JPG Amber Green was right there with the pack and Emily Jameson pulled ahead after the 3rd mile. At about mile 8, I see Corom there cheering me on and then I noticed a sign with all my girls names on them! I was a little confused because I already passed Corom up but as I got closer, I noticed Rachelle Wardle and Amber Dunford there (my running buddies from home). They surprised me by driving to California the day before. I was so shocked and so happy! Such amazing friends. I saw the 3 of them throughout the course a few more times… I came across the 1/2 marathon at 1:21.21. At mile 16, I started to go through a mental breakdown and I fell a little behind from the pack. I noticed that there were not too many women left in the pack (about 8).

IMG_6004.JPG It took about a minute or 2 to realize this is way to early to be dropping from the pack, so I somehow got a “2nd wind” (with a little pep talk to myself) and caught back up. At that moment I knew I had it! I kept thinking… This is the day! I felt good and I only had 10 miles left! Soon… A 10k left and I still felt good… Still with the pacer, going strong. At mile 21 1/2 to 22… Ahhh… A different story. I Hit The Freakin’ Wall!!! I kept telling myself to dig deep, and I can do this… Well I couldn’t do it! 😦 I was mentally struggling along with the physical. At mile 25… I see Rachelle and she ran a little ahead of me to give me someone to chase (she didn’t want to run with me so I wouldn’t get disqualified but at that point I didn’t care about anything except for finishing). I was able to pick up the pace a little seeing her in front but my legs were done! (That’s Rachelle in the blue.) 🙂

IMG_6041-4.JPG I finally finished with a time of 2:48.43 (I believe)… A 6 minute PR but 5 minutes away from qualifying! :/ A bitter/sweet race. As I was finishing I heard my parents cheering me in. 🙂 I looked over and it was so good to see my dad give me a thumbs up sign. At that time I was feeling so down, so it did put a smile on my face.

IMG_6042-0.JPG I was able to find Amber G. and Emily J… Emily was so sad about her race. She had to pull out at mile 17 and Amber was 43 seconds short of qualifying. So bummed for the 2 of them!!! We were all happy to have had the opportunity to be with each other and to get to know each other. But it is so hard to train so hard for 1 race and not have it come together! Very emotionally draining. I was happy to be done but wish I could go back to the last 4.2 miles (but don’t we all). I had a great support system and was around amazing people.

IMG_6046.JPG After the whole marathon ending experience, I showered up and Amber D, Rachelle, my parents, Corom and I went to a late lunch. We soon left to visit Corom’s brother and his family for a little bit and then off we left for home. We drove back with Rachelle and Amber. 🙂 We made a few stops on the way home… One was to McDonalds. I ordered our food and realized Corom had the card, so he made me run into the bathroom (no one was in there) to get it… He took a picture of me as I opened up his stall, so I took a picture of him. Sorry! 😉

IMG_6047.JPG We didn’t leave until 4:30 California time (5:30 for Utah). Yep it’s going to be a long drive home. It’s about a 10 hour drive. I will update this post if any exciting thing happens or if any new pictures are taken. Well it’s been quite a few hours after the race and I am still bummed about my race but a lot more happy about it too!!! Thanks everyone for the support! There is always a next time.

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  1. Jen I am so proud of you for all of your hard work and for pushing through that wall. I’m sure you are disappointed but that 6 minute PR is also something pretty special. I have complete confidence that you will make this work. Congrats for pushing through and the PR. Sending hugs your way.

    • Thanks Sarah for all of your support! It’s all good and now I will have to focus on the next race. 🙂

  2. Melissa permalink

    You have a lot to be proud of, so inspiring! You’re one step closer to qualifying!!! I can’t wait until you do. Keep up the hard work 😀

  3. Ingrid permalink

    Super proud of you Jen! You’re one in a million and You. Are. AWESOME!

  4. Ashley permalink

    Just know my thoughts were with you ALL day yesterday. What an exciting race! SO much energy & so motivating to watch. I waited for you at the 9 mile mark, but sad I didn’t see you 😦 Now that I’m reading this post, I’m realizing that I did, indeed, see the big group of you all passing by with the leader guy/pacer calling out instruction. Wow! Impressive time, my friend. You should be very proud. And I have no doubt that you will continue with your hard work and there WILL be a “next time.” You’re an amazing talent…..always remember that!

    • I’m so sad I didn’t see you! Corom was actually at mile 8. Bummer. We need to make a trip out there and get together! Thanks for the support and kind words. You really are amazing!!!

  5. debtrisforkona permalink

    What an amazing time SPEEDY! Here’s to 2015!!

    • Thank you so much and let’s hope so! 🙂 Reading your blog… You are amazing!!! You do a lot more than I could even imagine!

  6. Congrats to you, Jen! I actually ran in that pack of Chris Mocko, Kim Conley, and all you speedy ladies for the first 18 miles. Helped me to a huge PR! I’ve got a question to ask you if you get a chance to read this!

    • That is amazing! Are you trying to olympic trial qualify? What was your time? It was a good pack to run with. Very motivating and easier to stay with the pace! What is your question? 🙂

      • Ha! Heck no, I’m not that fast! I finished at 2:40, which was a five-minute PR for me! Owe so much of that to the amazing pace group. Actually an off the wall question – you posted a collage of five photos of the pace group, and I was seeing if I could obtain a copy of the lower two photos? Shows me running next to Kim Conley 🙂

    • Now that I just asked you a lot of questions… 🙂

    • For sure!!! She’s amazing… And she made it look too easy! I read your blog post! Loved it. Nice work… That’s the type if finish I was hoping for. 🙂 Next time! Where do you want me to send it?

  7. It felt amazing to have such a strong finish to a marathon (finally!). Email? Thank you so much!

    • K I sent 3 of them… I found another pic as you can see… That is random that you were able to find pictures of you on my blog. 🙂 nice job again!!!

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