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Everyday Life… Without Running :/

December 9, 2014

Monday: Well I slept in until 6:30 (when my kids got up)… That gave us 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Of course I took the day off of running. I plan on taking the entire week off of running. I need the break physically and mentally! I have had so many emotions run through me today. I am excited that I was able to get a PR in the marathon. And I know that I should be extremely happy about it but I am still bummed about the outcome of the race. I just keep thinking, why was I not strong enough to push through that last 4 miles! That’s all I had left, just 24 minutes left of my race… But of course the 24 min turned into 30 minutes and I lost the pace that I was on. I know that each and every runner goes through the same trial and we all go through the same mental issues… But that is the beautiful thing about us runners; we understand each other and we are always lifting each other up. I have had so many wonderful people call, text, stop by, etc, with nothing but praise and encouragement! Half of them coming from the HS cross country team… Good kids! Well… The race is over and now it is time to take a break. But, in a couple of weeks I will be starting all over again and now I know where I need to work on. I have a couple of races in mind… One of them being Grandmas in Minnesota again. I want this more than I did before CIM. 🙂 For my day today… I felt like a zombie. I was tired but had no time to nap. My 2nd child came home early from school because she wasn’t feeling well.

IMG_6068.JPG We just hung around the house all day. We put a couple of packages together for the military as our Christmas activity. It is nothing big, just a box full of treats.

IMG_6069.JPG In the evening, Corom and I went to his work Christmas party. The food was good and there were tons of people!

IMG_6076.JPG We headed home, both wiped out.

Tuesday: Another morning of no running and totally being fine with it. 🙂 I babysat today, worked in my 1st graders classroom…

IMG_6070.JPG, went Visiting Teaching while our kids played…

IMG_6074.JPG, then headed back to school for PTO stuff. We have a little too much fun with all the school stuff.

IMG_6077.JPG We have a good group of people on the board! It was a busy afternoon with many people dropping by tonight. Corom had church meetings and then went to a movie with a couple of friends. Camille came over and her and I watched a movie and hung out. It was nice and I stayed up late… 🙂 It’s been awhile since I’ve done that.

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  1. Rock was bragging about you to a fellow runner the other night at dinner and he pointed out something I totally forgot. The humidity! I don’t know how you ran so strong for so long in 100% humidity. That is the one factor that is impossible to plan for and push through for too long. Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! The humidity was heavy… At about mile 3-4 we were all wet from sweat. :/ but thank you!

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