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Christmas Activities & More

December 11, 2014

Wednesday: Today was another day of babysitting, errands, cleaning and putting the neighbor’s little gifts together. Our Christmas activity for the day was putting together the little gifts.

IMG_6078.JPG We put a lot together! Shortly after, I went with Rebecca and Rick Carter from the Clarion Gardens to some mansion in the Salt Lake area for a catering event. It was a beautiful and very large home.

IMG_6123.JPG We catered for a political party for Governor Herbert.

IMG_6122.JPG The catering went well and very smoothly. It was interesting to hear what the politicians had to say.

IMG_6124.JPG We didn’t get back until late!

Thursday: I watched my friends little girl for a little while this morning…

IMG_6094.JPG… Then I headed off to my daughter’s kindergarten class to help with testing…

IMG_6125.JPG Corom went to our 1st grader’s (2nd child) class and read a Christmas book to the class and then made a candy cane reindeer.

IMG_6126.JPG For our Christmas activity, we took the neighbor’s gifts around…

IMG_6127.JPG It’s nice that my kids are old enough to run to the doors… It saves time and I can be lazy sitting in the car. 🙂 We headed over to Rachelle’s place (my running buddy). A few other friends- Amber, Melissa, Scott, Amber, Megan & Travis and all the kids (yes we all run together) came too and we swam, ate and hung out in her community pool place. It was great! And warm!

IMG_6128.JPG The girls went to bed (at 7) and I went to help the Carter’s at the Clarion again for another Christmas work dinner. Corom had to leave to for a church meeting (a neighbor came and stayed with the girls). I did lots of dishes tonight. 🙂 Another late night… Good thing I am not getting up in the morning for a run.

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  1. I love that the girls took little gifts to people. That is the best part of the holiday season! And whoa, check out that mansion. So fun to go inside places like that and see what it is like!

    • It was a fun experience to go cater that type of event… A lot of political talk and i hate to say it but a lot of fake people. 🙂 But it was fun and interesting.

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